Taiwan Visa -- 14 days or longer?

I am Canadian and am coming to Taiwan as a student. What procedures would I have to take in order to stay for longer than 14 days in Taiwan?

I heard that I have 14 days to prove that I am a student or that I am living in an apartment here? I dont know, I just thought I get a visa before I left Canada :?

Anyhow, If someone could prettily pleaseily help me out, I would darn right appreciate it


Here’s a link that should help. You should try and get a 60 day extendable visa before arriving. If you’re coming to study, a letter of acceptance from the institution will greatly help in sorting this out. A 14 day visa is generally non-extendable and will see you winging your way to Hong Kong for a night at the Chunking mansions. While an essential milestone for your life in this part of the world, its not really one you should bring on if you can prevent it.



So I apply for a visitor visa, get that.

Go to Taiwan, go to school to learn chinese,

Submit my certificate that I am learning chinese to foreign affairs

Get a visa that is a lot more lenient?

Am I right ?