Taiwan VISA card Liability Policy

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience dealing with VISA transaction fraud?

I have a VISA debit card from ChungHwa bank (post office). Last week I got messages in my phone about some (unknown) transactions. So I blocked my card immediately and filed a documents about this fraud on the same day (roughly 12 hours after I got the messages). FYI, I never lost my card, it has always been in my possession.

So, will I get my money back? If yes, when?

I know that VISA normally have the zero liability policy in other country, but I don’t know about this policy in Taiwan. I am a little bit confuse because I got 2 types of answer from the bank: one said that I will definitely get the money back, while the other said I will get the money if the bank successfully recovered the money from the fraudster/merchants.

Thank you~

Usually only credit cards are covered by fraud protection.
ChungHwa is quite vigilant protecting debit card use for online shopping. I always get a call when I shop online.
Let us know how it goes.

If it’s visa debit it should be covered under the fraud policy but I’ve heard various stories over the years that some banks will drag their feet if it’s a large amount stolen or offer to reimburse only half.

How much are we talking? If it’s just a few thousand most likely the bank will reimburse.

Some youngster on Reddit Taiwan recently had a similar problem. Have a look for that thread!

It is around 14k NTD.

Well, I posted there several days ago. So maybe the one you saw is me

I never get called. Some websites will ask me a code sent to my phone for the transaction, but some other website only ask for CVV number written on my card.

The SMS security code is a feature of the payment processor and not ChungHwa. As it costs money it is usually only used to secure larger payments.

This morning I got a call from the bank and finally I got all the money back :slight_smile: !!!

So it took almost 2 months (the fraud happened on the 1st October early morning) to get the money back.


Good to hear. If they didn’t reimburse, your next call should have been to visa as this is something that should be covered under the fraud policy. But looks like the bank did their job.