Taiwan visa to Thailand new requirements include office visit

Strange. I doubt many Taiwanese show up in Thailand without money to cover their expenses. Is the other way around.

  • required to apply for a visa online and to schedule an appointment to submit their passports in person at the office"

  • need to provide bank details for the prior three months

Meanwhile “Taiwan on Aug 1 this year extended visa-free travel for Thais for another year, until July 31, 2020”.

Some bullsjit…Suspect China interference.
Phillippines isn’t great either.

This is a little confusing because as far as I know there is still 15-day visa on arrival for Taiwanese.


I assume these new regs apply only to those looking for longer-term visitor visas, but not sure. My wife has had to provide bank details when applying for a multiple-entry visa in the past, and you would have had to go into the office to get a visitor visa anyway, so I’m not sure all that much has changed.

Looking deeper, they reference this article.

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