Taiwan visa

How hard is it to get a visa inside of Taiwan? Can I go in for 30 days without needing one like in Japan?

But I am not sure if I am staying for more then 30 days … depends on if I like the place I am living at … and how much I like it on my first time to Taipei :smiley:

If you are not in Taiwan now you may (depending on your nationality) a landing visa to enter Taiwan. These visas are 15-30days depending on your nationality.
I recommend you to get a two month visa abroad, sure you’ll love Taiwan, two month will not be enough!

I have an American passport book with other visas in it from Africa to China … its a little full so I probably need to get another passport book but my China visas wouldn’t effect my qualifactions for it … I have 4 tourist visas and 2 business visas for China … some are recent too … from August …