Taiwan Visas in the Time of Coronavirus

We’ve compiled a very detailed list of options for anyone whose visa situation may be changing or coming into question in the next few weeks or months. Hope it will be of use to some of you!


Does someone have experience of obtaining the “special entry permit” ? What procedure, documentation, etc.?

Just bring a contract with a large Taiwanese company, a certificate of employment and your name card.

I have no employer, aiming to work freelance. Work permit and normal visa is already organised, but seeking information what else is needed?

I got accepted into the mandarin language program at NTNU, and am also interested in how to obtain a “special entry permit”. I called/emailed TECO, but I don’t think they understand what I am asking… has anyone gotten one on a student exemption?

Language students are still banned from entering Taiwan at the moment

Is there a place I can check for updates on this? I’d have to buy my plane ticket within the next couple of weeks, so I’d have to get approved fairly quickly to make it work.

Try your local TECO.

There’s a lot of us in the same position. Check the ‘Huayu Scholarship’ thread. Many schools have said they intend to cancel admissions in the next couple days if you cant confirm that you can enter TW before mid-August. Most TECO offices are pushing scholarship students to defer to December, you’d probably be in a similar position, but check with your office to be sure


MOE is supposed to announce it, iiuc.