Taiwan Volunteer Corps (in the making)

Going down the crisis response path (e.g. humanitarian aid, search and rescue) would be much more feasible and plenty of volunteering and NPOs are there. Some do offer training guidelines and practise in English though not provided with full fluency. Those capabilities can be transferred to non-war conflict in peace times or just in times of crisis you’d better prepared to respond on the communal level.

Yes the Happy Mariam militia is definitely going to bring the PLA to it’s knees

I should ask my expat friend in Singapore if he would sign up for that volunteer SAF there. Probably not.

I ran 30km last week. There will be a half marathon in December. Still doubtful about helping any military group anyplace. My personality is very independent.

Still, maybe I’d make some kind of commitment to do something. Fictional-pre-historical-(re)-enactment LARP.

I stopped caring the moment I realized no one here would even defend their own country.


Not without a path to citizenahip.


You fight and live you get citizenship, you fight and die … we’ll bury you.

I probably would if they don’t require renouncing your other citizenships and if the pay is at least minimum wage (and if they allow females in, of course :sweat_smile:).

Hilarious :clap::clap::clap:

I’m not signing up for anything until they improve treatment of all foreigners . 100% agreed on that.

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Easy solution:


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How would that work? Risk your life fighting China for Taiwan and, if you survive and if Taiwan wins, you can have citizenship? Doesn’t sound very attractive…

I’m oot.

It certainly didn’t turn out very well for the volunteers in that particular piece of fiction :slight_smile:

Oh what is it? Starship Troopers or whatever it’s called? I didn’t notice that before.

Sit on your balcony with a cup of tea , make sure your background is as white as you, have a nice lightweight rifle with scopes and shoot , while breaking for the odd cup of tea. Eventually you would die , but you might get a few good cups of tea in before then and take a few scalps.

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The Chinese can go incognito and dress-up like Taiwanese.


True , I think that is against some sort of convention , but they would not care.Some Taiwanese would probably help them do that anyway, the Korean Fish types.

Chinese honoring a convention is about as likely as unicorns saving us from their threat. They dont honer any even in peace times with their allies.

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