Taiwan vs n. america notebooks

Thinking it’s time to join the ranks of the starbucks elite and purchase a notebook. Looking for a second-hand and as my students generally teach me English words relating to technology, I’m in the dark about the matter. I hear conflicting stories on the price of second-hand notebooks (or first-hand for that matter) in Taiwan vs. N. America. Would love to hear some comments or advice.

I’d say this topic would do better in the Technology section.

How much do you want to spend? I bought a Twinhead Powerslim 600 when I first got here, and it’s been fantastic, pretty cheap too. Although only P2 192ram, does the job for me and I only paid $NT38,000 new. The one’s on the market now, , if only I’d waited 2 more years. Point being new laptops are pretty cheap anyway, plus most of the better brands are made locally. I’d go into town and check out the prices rather than committing to 2nd hand.

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Anyway, there’s not much of second hand laptop market to speak of in Taiwan. Two years ago, I saw Tomorrow World Computers advertising second hand laptops but when I called, they didn’t actually have any.

If you’re going to buy Compaq, HP, IBM, etc, prices may be slightly higher in Taiwan. However, consider taxes in the US. I strongly recommend Twinhead, especially the efilo 2600, because of it’s price (34,000) and <2 kg weight. If you’re willing to lug around a brick, you can easily get one for under 30,000. ASUS has gone hi-end and their prices are comparable to big-name brands. Acer laptops have always given me a flimsy impression.

Oh! i thought this was going to be about how Bi Ji Ben are all so cutesy here in Taiwan. No PeeChee’s like I had in high school.

I think this notebook would sell like cho-dofu in Taiwan: