Taiwan - what's the attraction?

I feel bad for Jolie. I’ve been in her state of mind before and can totally sympathize with her reactions to Taiwan. It’s that stage 3 culture shock that Alien mentioned. Some people get beyond it, some don’t. C’est la guerre.


Well there are alot worse places to live than Taiwan… like the summit of Mt. Everest, Afganistan, the Antartic, The West Bank… I just think Jolie is entitled to her views on Taiwan… but shouldn’t ridicule people who do like the place…if people like Taiwan for what they can see it as then good for them… but Jolie without knowing these people or anything about Taiwan then what makes you the expert on whats good and whats bad and on the people who choose to live work or pass time by here

Originally posted by thyrdrail:

And you ask why people here get defensive? Because you make them feel bad!! And who the f**k wants to feel bad?

Oi, calm down. You’ve never stepped foot at CKS (it’s a beautiful airport, makes LAX look like HK, but at least no shooting), so don’t get all defensive. If you want to feel bad that someone says they don’t like a place, that’s your choice. It’s simple, you get all offended by a post?, don’t read it. It’s a bit like the born-again bible bashers trying to censor everything, the solution is to just not read/watch it.

I’ve a suggestion for a thread you could start:

“Places I love that I’ve never visited but cannot stand anyone to be critical of.” Your love of virtual architecture, virtual culture, virtual travel, etc. will slot in well.

Keep sitting in front of your Dell megahertz whatever and experiencing life in Asia. From where you’re sitting everything about the place must be perfect. Next you’ll be telling me your virtual food tastes great!?!

In response to the original question as to why come to Taiwan, I would have to say for me, it was to meet up with my wife-to-be. No, she is not Taiwanese. I’ve only been here 6 years and even though I don’t care to much for the lack of beauty of Taiwan, I do love the people here.

I believe relationship is the reason why most people choose to stay. I’ve made better relationships here than I ever did back home in the States. No, I do not teach English, I work here as a missionary. (Please, no sick jokes about being a Christian.)

Yes, most people here are money hungry and could care for nothing less, but there are also some very sincere people here who would give you their right arm if you asked them for help.

Build a relationship with someone from an aboriginal tribe here, or a elderly Taiwanese. You may see the true beauty of Taiwan isn’t on the outside, but on the inside of the people here.

it is good to emphathise with jolie a bit though…bad experiences make of insane for a while…i got robbed in Guam four years ago, watched the guys drive out of the parking lot while i explaining to a cop i flagged down that that was them…he let the go wondering “Who the hell was that?” then i had to pay the car rental place for the broken window…yet if i had been in an accident i was covered…what!?? and the rental place never told me that there was a gang that targetted rental cars! grrr

needless to say, i spent the next few years badmouthing Guam, telling peopl to go to hawaii!

lol it passed! (sort of, as you can tell)

jolie…im here dear, im listening, but my advice is, get over it, its all gone shortly, shhh, its ok, shhh

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. 06-13-2001 13:58

Seems like we are really fooling ourselves but okay, what the hey.
I LIKE the great reflexology places that cure all your ails in 30 minutes of pain, I like the fact that MacDonalds has its menu in English (just not taking it for granted), I LOVE the Shabu Shabu joints along my street.

But then again, I don’t think I’d miss them when I leave.

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So Jolie likes something about Taiwan!!!

Not a reason to stay, but some good things about living in Taiwan…

Taiwanese, in my experience, are very friendly, polite, and well-meaning

Today my secretary picked me up some lunch, a bowl of delicious noodle soup - NT$45

I’ve learnt a lot about Chinese culture and customs

The Taiwanese are extremely entrepreneurial

Some of the food is great (I’m not keen on most of the local dishes, but mainland Chinese food of every variety is freely available here, and good. They just need to work on the decor).

I have a beautiful big apartment full of nice things

My Taiwanese cat

I’ve seen a lot of more of Asia since I’ve lived here

Double the public holidays than at home

CNY & lion dancing

Firecrackers are legal

Ingredients for asian cooking are so easy to find (a full day trip to Chinatown back home)

I’ve met great people here, both locals and expats

I’m feeling all Zen and nice today, don’t worry, it will pass, most likely tomorrow morning when I’m crossing the road and inhale scooter smoke and one of those little blue Canter vans almost runs over me.

Jolie, did someone rape you here in Taipei? or are you just too ulgy to be raped anywhere, if so i suggest you disappear from this earth b/c there is no place for you on this earth. I am from SE Asia and I actually don’t think you are welcome in our region. Open up you mind and appreciate the goods and bads of any culture.

Originally posted by realdope: Jolie, did someone rape you here in Taipei? or are you just too ulgy to be raped anywhere, if so i suggest you disappear from this earth.

Realdope, your comments are so cretinous that Jolie’s shine out like gems of wisdom in comparison. I hope your pathetic posting gets deleted pronto.

Originally posted by Juba:

Realdope, your comments are so cretinous that Jolie’s shine out like gems of wisdom in comparison. I hope your pathetic posting gets deleted pronto.

For a moment there I had to lower my frequency to communicate with people with such cretinous intellect. Or else, she couldn’t hear me. Execuse me.

Originally posted by Poagao:

One of the things I like best about Taiwan is that people like you detest it so.

100% spot on !

NFI & Jolie; think before you speak. Firstly I want to thank you both for you participation in this topic. I think we can all learn a lot. I think you have a real cheek posting this kind of rhetoric on this site.

We are guests on this island. If you choose not to have any interest in the language, culture, or people of Taiwan, then that is your choice. However, by making that choice, you are in no position to judge anything Taiwanese. If you think you get it all from the Taipei TImes, then you are wrong.

You are probably also the kind of people who criticise foreigners in your home country who don’t speak english,and then don’t fit in. Think about that.

Apart from the fact that you are trouble stirrers you are quite amusing. It is actually really sad how much you are missing out on. Taipei is not a pretty city, and no one denies that, but it has some of the most beautiful people, who speak the most enchanting language, who have managed to build a powerhouse economy from scratch. Now that in itself presents to me an environment in which I can learn a lot.

Regarding you to personally, be careful. Firstly, its obvious who you are. You advertise your opinions so freely, and one, it doesn’t say much for your companies that you have so much time on your hands, and two, that they would employ someone who obviously has major problems living in a foreign environment. I feel sorry for you, and your companies.

Good luck.

Originally posted by magpie26: We are guests on this island.

Funny, I always considered myself a paying customer.

No offense, but you don’t have to “buy here”.

Obviously it’s each individual choice and though I agree things here are not as back home *) I wouldn’t want to change it too much as else it would be like being back home - and what would be the point in that?

*) There are good and bad things here, several examples have already been given and everyone has to decide for him/herself if and where he/she is willing to ‘compromise’ on those.

But then, if you really can’t stand it or feel “back home” is just so much better, why don’t you then just go?
I think, and again no offense intended - it’s just an assumption, that those kind of people are just in for the money. Back home is better but here the pay is higher / the benefits are better.

So what’s it gonna be? Stay and keep on ranting while stacking cash or go back and complain that you don’t earn enough - " … but in Taiwan, yes, there I was paid very well and had a much cheaper living."

It’s you choice, nobody forces you to stay but perhaps a change of scenery (i.e. relocate to another country) would also do the trick.

But you gotta be open to it and not expect things to be perfect or as back home.

There is only one place like ‘back home’: back home.

Must agree with Jolie:
The people here are terribly friendly (almost to a fault), and it is SO unfortunately true about there being absolutely ZERO style, taste, or beauty in Taiwan’s populated centers.
An aesthetic nightmare…
the “kitsch capital”…visions of Hello Kitty hell, little girls flashing the peace sign (yet again)and plastic inanities as far as the jumbled mess of a night-market will allow you to see.

If you want to use that painfully abused euphemism, and again call it “culture”, well…then you’d be very Chinese in not wishing to offend (directly)… Though you’d be doing very little to improve the truly HORRIFIC physical suroundings.

I wouldn’t dissuade you from coming to Taiwan; I’ve been here 6 years and have to say/admit there are plenty of good reasons for that (the incredible amount of -personal freedom- I feel for one)

I would dissuade you however from being an apologist American. I thought if anything in this entire discourse was embarrassing, it was your “eeew, I hope you’re not American” comment.

If I follow your logic, it’s okay to let off steam/bitch n’ moan, only if one is not an American?
There are MANY, MANY reasons (assuming you’re not an American Indian) why your forebearers beat it to American shores, and believe me, after you spend some time in a WAY overcrowded, flourescently lit, barred windowed,
really quite physically ugly place like Taiwan, YOU TOO will see why MOST Taiwanese themselves are eager to go to the states where they ALL have family of one sort or another.

While I don’t support everything the states does, any more than I do everything any other country does, at least the states still very much represents a lot of what is and can be good in this messed up world.

I recently returned from a trip to Cambodia, and whilst there, had the distinct displeasure of sitting behind a large gathering of Europeans, having a collective bash at the US.
All I could think of was how naive, young, angry, and not just a little -jealous- they sounded.
Especially in light of the fact that no matter where one comes from in the world, when you hop on that Anti-American bandwagon, your just dissing yourself and all the rest of your cousins which comprise the ongoing experiment that is the USA.
At least the states tries its best to own up to its mistakes, manages to keep the world’s best model of a democracy functioning, and lets it all hang out for the ultimate betterment of us all; even if it is too often Jerry Springeriffic-

Makes me think of the recent tv ads promoting tourism in Mohammed Atta’s home, wonderful,religiously progressive Egypt:

“Welcome to our 7th millenium”

Jeez,…7,000 years and you still haven’t gotten it right.

By the above poster

quote[quote] manages to keep the world’s best model of a democracy functioning [/quote]You sure proved that with your last ections didn’t you. Stop blowing your own trumped and open your eyes. Patriotic is one thing, but your above post is a great example of why there an ugly american syndrome in the world. People love America because it has eveything that they don’t have, people hate America because people like you want everybody to know that you are the best. An if Taiwan is that bad, well go home, after all, you do live in the best country in the world.

Gee horny,
If I were American maybe you’d have a point.

One thing I generally like about Taiwanese is how little they care about “trumpeting” where they are from and how great Taiwan is.
I lived in South Korea for a year, and found it to be the most offensively nationalistic place imaginable.
For Taiwan to be so geographically close, yet so refreshingly “over” the primitive, insecure chest beating I too often experienced in Seoul, is just that, refreshing.

I gather from your writing you are Taiwanese, and sadly have proved that even in this mellow island, there are still flag wavers to be found.

Originally posted by horny horn: An if Taiwan is that bad, well go home, after all, you do live in the best country in the world.

Horn, please clarify the “policy” here - we are only allowed to say lovely, squeaky clean ,goody things about Taiwan or face expulsion??? It’s OK to bad mouth the US, but nothing critical about Taiwan is acceptable, I fear.

I love MY country & think it IS the best country on God’s Earth, but it doesn’t stop me living in other places and enjoying the experiences and diversity. Perhaps you should relax a bit and accept other’s opinions about where you CURRENTLY live, whether they (oviously) make you angry, or not.

yasser and pistoph, are you the same people?

One thing I generally like about Taiwanese is how little they care
about “trumpeting” where they are
Then why “Tongyong Pinyin”? And then why not go all the way my
http://jidanni.org/lang/pinyin/t_pinyin.html ?