I have just been caught driving over the limit and have been find 77000 nt and given one years probation, i havent received any paperwork regarding the timeframe of when the fine needs to be paid by. does anyone know the process

NOt sure what the limit is nowadays, but there is a limit which if you are under you can leave the country. Only way to find out is when you leave. Of course, your fine will probably double by a certain date and , IIRC , it can quadruple. Which means theres a nice little fine waiting for you if you ever return.

:eh: hi I was under the impression that ill get a letter in 2 months saying i have to go to some kind of drunk driving course for a day,

No problem…just contact Zain Dean for full instructions on how to avoid any consequences of being convicted. If you were in your Home Country you would just have to find the money or go to Jail ,why do you think Taiwan is different? Maybe if you explained your financial situation,they may allow you to pay in installments? Just, please don’t expect sympathy from the poor bastards still living here,getting a worsening reputation for a few Law breakers,who do a runner!! Sorry ,just saying.

im not trying to avoid conviction ive been convicted, i just dont no how im going to pay the massive fine, sorry guys and sorry taiwan i just want to know my options

You want to know your options?

Pay what you owe based on what you did; learn from it.

(Try to) Run away; avoid taking responsibility.

you are right i will pay the fine today

You figured out “how to pay the massive fine” in four hours??


i just wondered what would happen when i fly out for my visa run?

Sorry to get preachy but… For the vast majority of us, living in Taiwan is a choice we have made, not a last resort. We are voluntary expats or immigrants, not refugees, and by choosing to live here for any period of time have implicitly agreed to abide by the rules and cultural norms of the country. If you break the law your’re liable for punishment, just like you would be back at home. So you do have the option of running away without facing it, and the authorities certainly aren’t going to track you down for 77,000. But if you wouldn’t solve your problems like that back home, why would you here?

The worst case scenario is that they’ll refuse to let you exit the country before you pay your fine. I doubt you’ve received a court order forbidding you from going abroad, so there shouldn’t be any further negative consequences. 77.000 ntd sounds high enough to warrant being entered in the system, so I believe it is likely you will be asked to pay. My first housemate in Taiwan tried to leave the country while having a pending 3600 ntd traffic fine (looong past deadline) and was asked to pay at the airport ( or so she told me. I wasn’t there).

On an unrelated note, given your username and the fact I adamantly believe you want to pull a ZD, I am praying you’re not Italian. Our reputation is already at an all-time low and we don’t need any more crap.

I don’t think the OP could get any other answers that wouldn’t constitute an incitement to criminality. I’m locking this.