Taiwanese Aboriginal flag?


Anybody know if this is what Taiwanese aboriginal people use to reflect their identity or not?

I stumbled upon this when I was looking for Taiwanese Aboriginal flag.


That green’s nauseating…doubt its ever been used.


What about these images that represent each Formosan tribe in this site? Where can I find the full images of those motifs?


I’ve heard of this. Let me see if I can find the reference again. Apparently some aboriginal group asked CKS for permission to have their own flag, and he said yes but imposed this design on them.


When did that happen?


Not sure. I can’t find the website where I saw this.


I buy it. I showed it to three Aborigines and none of them knew what the heck they were looking at.


There are so many tribes, I don’t see how there would be 1 aboriginal flag to represent them.


Why would you even do that?


There is no one flag that represents all Aboriginals at this point. Recently there are some well designed flags representing villages.

The most well known is the E’dulan (Dulan, Taidong) flag because Suming, a well known singer, keeps promoting it.

It’s a very beautiful design. The problem of it is the color on color design of the Amis star and the blue background. If they add a metal color to make the black star pop, it’d be much better looking.


The green ROC variant (the “aboriginal” flag) seems to have been purged from whatever websites it was on before. (I think it might have been on the CWC website, but it could have been Wikipedia.) In theory, information on it should be floating around Taiwan someplace.

Maybe a group of aborigines were going to some kind of international conference, and asked permission to fly their own flag? (I’m struggling to remember what I read.) I don’t think it ended up being used–I think the issue was dropped.

Taiwan’s Council of Indigenous Peoples promotes a number of aboriginal symbols, selected God knows how, and focusing on different weaving designs. (Of course the Tao have their mata. ) You can see these on posters and t-shirts for sporting events or music contests, e.g…


Turned to my wife and showed her my phone and said, “you know what this is?” Then we asked her mum and her uncle. Because we were Interested?

How outrageous of me, I know.


Sorry I thought you meant you rocked up to a buluo with the flag like a liberator of the oppressed indigenous masses. :sunglasses:


That was my plan for today but now you’re making me rethink it.