Taiwanese Academics and Politics


I assume you are talking about this part:

[quote=“TP Times”]Myers mentioned the Cairo meeting, where it was decided that Taiwan would be handed over to China. I asked Myers whether the Cairo Declaration had been signed by interested countries and he replied that it was not.

I asked why the human rights of people – regardless of whether they called themselves Taiwanese or Chinese – had not been respected, to which Diamond replied: “Are you talking about the right of self-determination for the Taiwanese?”

In response to this, Shih said: “Human rights do not belong to enemies.”[/quote]

What Shih said was, the Cairo Declaration was declared by the Allied countries and dictated to their enemies, which includes Japan. This signed or not-signed business that TI/ers keep bringing up is just silly in light of the nature of such a declaration. The disposition of Taiwan was totally in the hands of the winners, and such was the norm not only with respect to Taiwan, but also those Kuril Islands that Japan wants back from Russia, and much of Germany’s territory which now sits in Poland and Russia. (Where’s the self determination there?) Don’t TI/ers (such as LTH) like to point out that Taiwanese were legally Japanese pre-1945? Fine. In the context of the war, then, there was no “Taiwanese.” There was only “Japanese” and those “Japanese” in Taiwan fought as such. This is what I’ve been saying all along. There isn’t any self determination. In 1945, retrocede to China as if the 1895 treaty never happened and be the winners, or be treated as enemies. You can’t have it both ways, so stop throwing hissy fits.



Study up on the USA Monroe doctrine.

Within the next decade PRC will have their version of the Monroe Doctrine for South East Asia and the Pacific Rim. No other party is going to ratify it either. But the world will abide by it when it comes into fruitition.

Why is this to be considered disturbing?

Freedom of speech and all that. It also lets you know who the idiots are.


It is not a random concept. I predict PRC will unilaterally declare their sphere of influence in the area and no one can really do much about it. They will enforce their sphere of influence in the same manner USA enforced theirs in the Americas.

Basically the leadership on Taiwan will be responsible for the smooth transition as USA sphere of influence declines in the region as PRC influence increases. Sure it will be difficult Taiwanese leadership to manage the relationship of two countries on the brink of the next Cold War.

But that is what I will be looking for. Holko supremist issues will be secondary to actually managing international relations…

I’ve noticed that Taiwanese academics have generally been pretty vocal speaking out about their political allegiance, like some prominent entertainers (tv hosts: Blackie/黑人, Hu Gua/胡瓜, 吳宗憲/Jacky Wu). This is really disturbing. Any thoughts or information on how some particular academics?

Just a question who does Blackie and Hu Gua support I know Jacky Wu supported Li Ao back in the day, just curious

blah, the same old stuff again. check the Dr Lin thread for details.

really? so signed treaties count for nothing, i suppose?

and no, there is such a concept as self-determination. sorry to disappoint, but it exists.

doctrine of reversion not jus cogens in IL. sorry, u need another treaty to give taiwan back to china after shimonoseki, even if japan lost the war. hissy fits indeed won’t make a single difference to your case.[/quote]

So be treated as Japanese enemies and be disposed of as enemy territory, what do I care?


Perhaps Sophia Deng is not aware of KMT activism that repelled the Chinese Exclusion Act in the USA. Most ABC are just a product of their environment, just like deep Green activist.

Put them in another place in another decade and they will be spouting some other propaganda nonsense.

I think most people in the entertainment buisness in Taiwan are blue, She Ni-Ling is also deep blue I think he was at the “Dao Bian” protest back when the red soldier thing was going on…I wonder if there have been green supporting entertainers that have gone public with it, I know baseball player Wang Chein-Ming is Deep green

Entertainers usually don’t announce their personal ideology. No point alienating fans of any color.


I’m sorry, but people who are really Tai deserve to be insulted – for bad style.


Perhaps you shouldn’t read too much into it. Or become a fan of taro-sweet potato entertainers who complain about both sides of the spectrum.