Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


That’s how we set it back in the homeland, 'its far from a palace she was rared ’ .

Makes sense though, past continuous right …:grin:


‘Twas far from cookouts, hefty bags, and dry rubs that I was reared so I have geen idee of what you do be spreken over dere lad.

Do they actually use the word ‘reared’ in the north American gay lick though?


Or not silly enough, depending on how you look at it.


Not within the past century.



I thought so. I now wonder if Brits say it? Cause I also think not. I think this guy may in fact be a long lost cousin of my grandfather Giovanni


I thought that was referred to as “boofing.”


I think you mean bagpiping - or perhaps that’s only in Scotland.


Where I’m from, “bag-piping” refers to armpit intercourse.


I want to commend the moderators. In the authoritarian days, I was given a year-long suspension for linking to the Urban Dictionary (for the Dirty S). That such links are tolerated today with nobody batting an eyelid illustrates how liberal the powers that be have become. Kudos!!!:cowboy_hat_face::clap::clap:


I don’t want to ask what “munching some haggis” means then.


Because you already know, you sick sick man.


Armpits can’t have intercourse, silly. Unless it’s a bit like scissoring.


Okay, this has gone on long enough. OP, you’ve gotten tons of advice. Thanks for dropping by the D&R Forum. Asked and answered. Done.