Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


What does this mean?

TW is west of America. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Dude you sound so naive.

Girls are girls, all around the world not much difference.

Either you make em laugh or give them best sex or give them feeling of security and treat em nicely (having cash, good job, opportunities in a future, being nice human being). This is how you get a girlfriend

How to keep a girl? Better have all of 3 (read above) and act as a man. Put your goals above any girl. Make a girl know you are ready and you can walk away anytime. Will make you look soooo weak to come to taiwan just for sake of some legs, childish girls have send you. You already lowering yourself

Now with Taiwanese girls is like this, they are not really emotional stable persons all up 30s or even 40s, many of em are not mature enough. They are confused, without much awareness, under influence of friends and family. Many of em are not confident.

Just cause they are nice, polite, sweet to your face does not mean they are innocent. Deal with any women like a man. Taiwanese are raised to hide and manipulate with emotions.

Many of us felt in this trap, oh is just cultural difference, she is so nice to me, she can not cheat on me, she will not abuse me. You are chinese, anyway you should know the deal

Make a life in taiwan, make nice money, date girls and see which one suit you the most. Look her family, this is important. Generally you do not want to marry dirt poor (they will suck money from you) and neither someone really wealthy (they will always look you down). Anyway you are chinese, should know rules of game.




Exactly. They just pretend to be that different. And they are good at it, they can really fool you, specially newcomers.

Hell yea what a ride in front of OP. And a lot of sex. They are easy when it comes to it. Just pretend they are not


You just said girls are the same all around the world. Then you immediately contradicted yourself by detailing how Taiwanese are different.

The “all Taiwanese girls are easy” trope is as offensive and wrong as the bullshit OP is slinging about his dream waifu. You can find “easy” girls, reserved girls, cool people, manipulative people, etc. in every country.


I totally agree with this…

“Now with Taiwanese girls is like this, they are not really emotional stable persons all up 30s or even 40s, many of em are not mature enough. They are confused, without much awareness, under influence of friends and family. Many of em are not confident.”

My comment
I’ve had lots of problems with girls that start out really into me, go out with me and have a good time, then you see them go back and talk to their friends and the next thing you know they won’t speak to me. I’m.going through that situation now. They will never ever say I’m not interested , even when asked directly. It just gets all cold, delayed line messages with one word replies or sticker replies only,which between the lines means get lost. Whereas a western girl would just tell you directly or simply block you on line, girls here keep the guy kicking around, even when they have no interest.


Is just a lifestyle, many love motels around. Is super convenient to have sex. A lot of girls in small area.

And i do not believe in this leftist theory of nonsense, we are all the same. Some nations have more dignity, some have less and so on. But when it comes to building up relation with girl, game of rules are the same (lets ignore islam for a second) no matter where you are. Girls only respect a real man.


This I’m not so sure I agree. (Speaking in generalizations here)
In the West girls tend to really likes the muscular, confident, take charge kinda guy.
In Taiwan in many cases the woman is the take charge person and you often see somewhat scrawny needy guys fawning over her every move. While this would disgust a western girl, the girls here seem to like that.
The whole be aloof and an ahole that people recommend in the USA is a bust here, do that and the girl just says what an ahole and drops out.

In short women are women but local culture tells them how to behave


You mind elaborating a bit what this is ?




Update: this morning we talked for 2 hours on the app. She mostly used the voice feature, sending snippets of conversation, while I typed in Chinese. She confirmed a few things:

  1. She’s talking to me the “most,” practically meaning almost exclusively. There’s this other dude in his 30s that she has played an online game with – she made it sound like it was nothing serious and noted that it was only online (no in-person meeting). By the way, we are in the mid-to-late 20s, with the girl being two years younger than me.

  2. She hasn’t met anyone in-person the app before but is willing to meet me and develop a relationship with me, as long as I am sincere and dedicated. She conveyed this message very directly and clearly, when I asked about meeting up. We’ve talked as though this meet-up will happen for sure.

  3. Today, we discussed the general dating cultures in Taiwan, from girls liking Westerners down to guys marrying Vietnamese brides, and the sexual norms of society as well. She indicated that she is the conservative, “won’t date or sleep with anyone type.” However, “if you’re the one,” I wouldn’t mind getting into bed with you.

We also are figuring out that we have a lot in common, including the fact that we both put heavy emphasis on developing a solid relationship with our significant other and family members.


Looks like a fruit to me, but wouldn’t say he’s still fake man


maybe you can think of livestreaming a camchat of you two on YouTube or Periscope. then we can offer helpful (or not) comments


Jesus, don’t encourage him to expand on that. It’ll be a whole load of antediluvian nonsense.


Not sure if you are being sarcastic or what, but if you are fer realz, then I have to call you on this. Stereotypical bullshit.

Then again, I am blessed to have earned the love of a unicorn. YMMV.


How does that work with the horn?


I can tell you briefly about my standing. I am decently well-off compared to local Taiwanese guys and we do have a house in Taiwan. Does this all help in the grand scheme of things?


She calls me Peggy.


Ouch! I like it.


Experience with women would probably be more helpful, but that works too. Many women here would probably consider you a catch, unless you have some kind of hideous deformity.

But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t get to emotionally invested in this one girl. Your outlook may change considerably after you get set up here and learn the lay of the land, so to speak.