Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


I knew that her being exclusive was a line of BS. And now she admitted the same. You don’t know if she’s telling her other side-bro the same thing about you. Tread carefully here. She might be a playa.

Does that mean after the first date, after the fifth date, after you’re married? Just make sure she’s not super Christian or she might make you wait until you tie the knot. And that’s a fate even worse than you holding on to your v-card another year.


Ever read Not Wanted on The Voyage by Timothy Findley?


Haven’t had the er…pleasure. But I just looked up the scene you’re referring to, and I may have to put it on my reading list now.


The Nat’l Theatre School of Canada staged it in the early 90s. Mind-blowing stuff.


Must have been Biblical. :sunglasses:


This whole topic :nauseated_face:


“Taiwanese American Guy Dating a Local Taiwan Girl’

Or perhaps:

“Not-Taiwanese Guy, not-Dating a local TW Girl and not-writing an essay about it?”

You talk about Taiwanese in terms of sweeping generalizations. Most people don’t do this for their own identity. There is no dating is there? Chatting on the internet is not ‘dating’ is it? If it was I’d be dating all y’all right now. On the essay, I’d go with a yes. You are writing an essay. Cause an essay is like words written on a page, and I am pretty sure you have written words in your posts. Previous comments about the lack of appeal in the characters still apply.

What he said, really, its just not a very appealing essay. It could definitely be spiced up if it had characters that were more than just generalizations and categorizations. Maybe some humans in the story?


I thought you were slightly younger, but you are still young.

Of course, yes.

If submissive is important, girls submissive to men may be submissive to parents too with high probability.


Why don’t you just buy a Vietnamese breeder and be done with it. You seem to have no interest in women as people, only as property.


I bet OP would get along great with greenocelot, the legendary smile hoarder of Taoyuan.


A few blades of truism to cling to…not all quotes my own

There are two times you will really never understand them…before and after marriage.

In the end you don’t pick them…they pick you

Girls HURT …your heart , your wallet , your health mentally and physically and you don’t get a lot to show for it sometimes.

They are what you come home to just so you can sneak out with your buds.

They are sorta like being under the control of your mom but you can do the nasty with em.

Better to rent them rather than buy them…unless you want kids to fulfill your life.

We always want to have one until we do then we want some alone …or rather me time.

They are God’s gift to man…but the instructions that came with them didn’t make it.

Can’t live without them, can’t live with them

You are here because your dad had the same hard on for your mom, rightly or wrongly.

They are your boss at home to come home to after you escaped your boss at work

You can’t remember much of your life before her
Because you had way too much going on.

More later…


Fixed that.


The Gospel According to tommy525

“They are sorta like being under the control of your mom but you can do the nasty with em.”
Freud would be all over dat shit. :sunglasses:


People, I am not treating her as property. I definitely value a woman as a partner and treat her like a human being. I deeply respect woman. I am just offering up a few generalities and assumptions about Taiwanese girls from others in my life and perhaps pop culture like TV shows. At this point, I haven’t even met the gal in-person, so it is difficult to provide more than a cursory glance.

We’ve talked a lot today, and I think things are heating up. I’m not hideously deformed, but I am not Jay Chou either. I really think meeting someone in real life for the first time will be the climax. You either don’t like her/him or you’re more in love. At this point, I can’t say I am in love either. It’s just a few elements of, “she looks pretty and her personality sounds nice.” The big concern I have about her is that she has high expectations for financials, and she voiced that early on in our conversations and in her app profile. She takes Mercedes-Benzes/BMWs on Uber.


Sounds like a gold digger. Beware.


Big red flag there. She’s flying her 公主病 colors early! No money no honey.


In all seriousness guys, if he wants a submissive companion, can’t he just get a dog?

Not sure if he’s ever said he wants a sexbot that just follows commands. There’s gotta be something that he probably needs to work on personally whether it be physical or in character. Because there are extreme stereotypes of women that coexist in TW… Or anywhere in there world for that matter. Foreigners see Girls Gone Wild and assume American ladies are all play, but then you also have that evangelical conservative daughter stereotype who wears promise rings and preaches abstinence.

Either way, looks like he’s lacking some major confidence and that hole can never be filled by another human because it’ll become a parasitic relationship — Which will fester and never ends well.

Pretty sure he’s in a grass is always greener situation where his sadness has lead him to put all his hope and faith into something thousands of miles away.

PS. In the meantime, walk into an adult store and treat yourself to some toys. Self care is critical to having a good health.


Honestly, from what you’ve written so far, you sound really wet behind the ears. If I were you, I wouldn’t be thinking about a serious relationship at all at this stage. You need a lot more experience interacting with the opposite sex. If you’re not careful, the women in Taiwan will eat you alive. Whatever you do, don’t throw money around, and don’t think about any kind of commitment until you’re good and ready.


And I make fun of both extremes! :smirk:

But okay, I’ll lay off the kid I guess…


Uhh, pretty sure only one of these:

gets to be true.
Just spitballin here.