Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


I think there’s a misconception on this forum that I am somehow a virgin and inexperienced. I’ve had one long-term steady relationship here in the States. And yes, I’ve had sex before, many many times.

I just haven’t dated a Taiwanese girl, though I’ve interacted with many Taiwanese women throughout my life starting with my mother, grandmother and plenty of aunties. I do a have a few female cousins, too, who live in Taiwan.

What do you mean by don’t throw money around? I think this girl wants me to prove that I have the ability to throw money around for her benefit. She even jokingly warned me, “are you sure you have enough ‘qian qian’ (money)?” After we got past the cursory talk about financials in the beginning, the conversation has flourished to include plenty of other topics. We don’t talk about finances now. To provide for your female partner is pretty normal in the Asian world.


Are you moving to Taiwan for the girl or for yourself? I’m still not getting it.


This woman is in her 20s and she still uses 疊字? That’s a deal-breaker right there. Anyway, it seems pretty clear that this woman wants you for your money. If you’re fine with that, then by all means pull the trigger. Just know that there are plenty of women here who don’t require a full financial report before deciding to start a relationship with you. Personally, I’d rather find someone who likes me for me and not for my bank account. Bank balances change, personalities don’t.


Oh, I don’t know if that’s true.
Pretty sure the perception is more that you just aren’t that bright.




You remind me somehow of Jimbo in American pie, excited but clueless

Follow your dreams, fly to tw for her!


just for a casual relationship, financial report may not be required, but to start a serious one, how many 0s on your bank balance is very important, right? > @mad_masala

She must be taking the relationship with OP very seriously.


Not sure why you’re saying that… or why you you @ me


I do think she is taking this relationship seriously because she has emphasized many times that she’s not willing to talk to any random dude or sleep with someone at will.

I feel that she is serious, serious in Taiwanese speak. I’m not just some guy flying in from the U.S. for a quick bang. Please understand that I take it seriously, too. There’s no push for me to necessarily come back and live forever in Taiwan, either. She’s willing to emigrate.



For the right price, I’d be willing to emigrate too. :sunglasses:

Seriously, man. Be careful.


If your idea of nice conversations is, a women asking you if you have enough money. Than maybe you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Or in the case the girl will wreck you.


you can ask them. They must know more.


Ha ha, exactly


Me and the vast majority of people on this thread probably think it’s crazy to think that a serious relationship will develop from a dating app with a woman who’s halfway across the world and who you’ve never met in person before. But with that being said, go for it OP. You’re young and part of being young is making dumb decisions that sometimes work out. Also the general vibe I’m getting from your comments is that you’re committed, regardless of any people telling you otherwise.

Worst case scenario you learn a valuable life lesson. Best case scenario you marry the woman of your dreams. Go for it.


I agree. Why not.
Worst case you get a cool trip to Taiwan out of it.

I remember going on a date for the first time with a girl who then called her friends to join us , then proceeded to chat with said friends all day in Chinese , I kinda tagged behind like a dog… then she finally told her friends to bugger off for 30 minutes so she could discuss…

Finance with me. On the first date.
So what kinda work did you do back home. How much money did you make. What are your job prospects.
She was a nurse so i told her if she came home with me she can’t practice there until she took the test again. She said thats OK, I don’t need to work if you can pay for things.

Then she called her friends back and they proceeded to continue their chat in Mandarin that I was not privy too. I never called back.

My local friend said she liked you. If she is discussing.money it means she is strongly considering you as marriage potential.
I said that was the opposite of romantic for me.


I think most of us is saying don’t put all your eggs in the basket for this particular girl. He’s likely to be disappointed. And that he should choose to move to Taiwan for himself, or at the very least have built some relationship with a girl before moving for her.

Lots of girls in Taiwan if she doesn’t pan out.


Maybe being disappointed will be a learning experience for him. Then he can rebound into the arms of some crazy club xiǎojiě.


Yes, his education wouldn’t be complete without a couple psycho xiaojie encounters.


He will come back to the forum in a couple years asking for a good divorce lawyer in the legal forum.