Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


Hopefully it won’t come to that, but a few battle scars are inevitable.


Oh man, Milker sharing some wisdom there. Better listen. Rocket and DrewCutz honestly do have some good points as well.

Ummmm… Hey @Dr_Milker @Rocket @DrewCutz would you bang your mothers if people promise they won’t say or do anything about it


no offence to the op but this is pretty clueless. taiwanese girls will chat to guys rather casually, it means nothing. most of them have a small group of guys floating around them to keep them entertained at all times. i’m not even saying anything bad here, its just how it is.


I know few good divorce lawyers from Taiwan op. Let me know few years down the road


That’s nowhere near the worst case.


I think the ratio of psycho xiaojie stories to just your typical run of the mill date failures is overblown on this forum :).


This relationship will end poorly me thinks. TBH she seems pretty basic. I’m curious what type of job you hope to get in Taiwan Vs America?


I don’t know why people are so skeptical. Sure, this sounds ridiculous to go half way around the world to meet another girl, when there are girls in the U.S. However, I am not attracted to the ones in the States.

I am not saying that I will move to Taiwan tomorrow to start a relationship with her. I am just saying, we seem to be hitting it off decently given the current situation of just chatting online and not having met each other in-person. We talked for about 4 hours yesterday, and we continue to have conversation each day with picture sharing of our daily lives. In fact, she even sent an exclusive real-time picture of her hair to me, to show the color she dyes it.

In this day and age where “people” are just a tap away on your phone, it’s easy to get lost in the jungle. There are many guys (regardless of nationality) on apps that only want to a quick hookup. They are not in search of a relationship, let alone a life partner.

There has been mention in this forum that this girl is asking “serious” questions, which could mean she is considering me marriage material. I can tell you it took time to build up trust. At first, she expressed skepticism of me and asked my birthday, before shortly asking me to share my ID card. (I only zoomed in on the birthday portion for obvious privacy reasons).

Can people share their experiences and tell me if this girl is serious or not? Based on my interactions and what she tells me, I don’t think she is the player-type. She wants to find someone who is financially stable, long-term instead of using him for a week to buy a few gifts and dinners. What’s wrong with her asking for a “financial report” if she is serious? What’s wrong with providing for your female partner? After the initial brief banter on money and expectations, our conversation has entirely moved beyond that, with no mention of salary or other things like houses. She just doesn’t want to waste her time, if you’re not the right one that fits her profile. I find it hard to believe that chatting to me for hours on end, exclusively, is just for her random enjoyment. There are plenty of people who would have matched with her that can provide that conversation.

She is extremely attractive and has a very hot body/face/sweet voice. But I am slowly learning that she’s also intelligent, artistic and caring. Sure, we are animals that may be attracted to other nice “animals.” But to me, a relationship is more than just physical looks.


People can share their experiences.

People cannot tell you if the girl is serious or not.


You obviously lack experience (despite your claims). Come to Taiwan, get some experience and you will see where it takes you. Some are running away screaming, others stay for decades.


It’s true that I don’t have experience in Taiwan or with Taiwanese girls, that’s why I’m asking on this forum for help. There are some things that will be different, even though my family’s from Taiwan – I was still raised abroad.


How good is your Mandarin? It seems like questions about the more traditional kind of relationship you’re looking for (i.e. with very traditional gender roles) might be better answered on a more locally-oriented forum like PTT ( 批踢踢). Of course you’re welcome to post here, but it doesn’t really seem like you’re getting the advice you’re looking for.


U don’t need anyone here’s permission or blessing to pursue this chick so why don’t you just do it.


If his Mandarin is not good it will be very difficult to have a traditional relationship in Taiwan, me thinks. “Can you help me with the bank, phone company, etc” + “but I am the one in charge” does not work.


I didn’t want to make any assumptions. He may speak Mandarin well but not be able to write.


I have native fluency in Mandarin (spoken) - with a Taipei accent. I can read/type most Chinese characters, occasionally needing to consult a dictionary. I was never schooled in Taiwan, though. We converse by typing Chinese or in her case, using the voice recording feature to talk. Language shouldn’t be an issue unless she uses a bunch of idioms or advanced terms.


In that case you should follow @Dr_Milker’s advice and consult local boards like PTT. Your situation is different compared to that of most members here, I believe.


I’m sure the reception he will get there will be warmer than it was here




Not necessarily. PTT is like the Wild West, and locals can get jealous about the perceived advantages of ABCs in the dating market here. But I still think the advice there will be more relevant.