Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


Just do it, but you must report back truthfully.


Is that a Taipei accent as opposed to a Changhua accent? 25% more 捲舌?


I also thought it was a euphemism for 外省人


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I’ve often noticed the group of guys floating around them at all times seem to be quite asexual, they never seem to take much interest in the girl sexually, just as a friend.
And this can go on for many years too, friends with no benefits.


Are you saying there are no benefits to friendship? :sunglasses:


You should check out forumosa friends


I understand you might be earning more than the average Taiwanese in the US. But that’s basically like making min wage in the US…cost of living is different. Do you even have a job lined up on Taiwan. Get your house in order first befor you go running after some girl you’ve never even met. If you’re a multi millionaire, fuck it. Do it. If not…think about this more.


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I met a girl online and moved hallway across the world to marry her (She is also 華僑). We have two kids now and it worked out in our case. (Note that I had lived here for 3 years by myself before going back to the States. Now I’m back in Taiwan.)

OP says that you feel more Taiwanese than American. I used to believe that myself until I moved here. When I live here, I feel American through and through. I get so annoyed with everyone walking on eggshells to save face. Even through my wife is 華僑 (not ABC… she was born here, moved to the States at a young age, and moved back) she is much more Asian than me. I get so tired of having to remember which foods are hot and cold. And I want to eat what I WANT to eat, not what some doctor 6,000 years ago decided I should eat. OP, you don’t think you’ll have culture shock. But I have to break it to you… there’s a world of difference between understanding a culture and being a part of it.

A few comments on your relationship. I moved across the world for a girl. If you’re going to make this move, make sure that your relationship is more serious than pictures of her legs.

Before I moved around the world to be with a woman I had never met, my girlfriend (now wife) and I had done the following:

  • We read over a dozen books together and discussed them
  • We read another dozen premarital counseling books together and wrote our answers to all the personal questions about lifestyle preferences (our Google doc totaled 100+ pages)
  • We had several hour-long Skype sessions with each other’s parents

When I made the trek across the world, I didn’t yet realize that we were going to get married. But it moved in that direction very quickly. I knew she was the one the second time I met her in person.

Make sure that you know a lot more about her before you make the commitment to move. If she’s not willing to let you Skype with her parents, you’re making all the commitment and she’s committing to nothing.


Everyone should put that much work into a long-distance relationship. It’s the lazy who suffer.


Wow, that’s shockingly thorough! It doesn’t sound very romantic, but you can’t really argue with the logic.


My wife sometimes complains that I’m one of the most unromantic guys in the world. When I proposed, the ring fell into her lap and she didn’t even notice. Oops.

Our second date (after we finally met in person) was to the grocery store. We did an imaginary shopping trip and discussed an appropriate budget. Again, I’m really bad at romance.

[off topic]if anyone has any tips on how to actually be romantic, I could really use some help[/off topic]

But I don’t know why more people don’t do this before marriage because this is all you ever talk about after you have a family… and it’s too late to back out if you wait until after marriage to find out that you’re married to someone who expects you to eat cardboard so that you can invest the money. If you’re lovestruck, you’ll forget to talk about these things until it’s too late.

The foundation for this kind of relationship was set long before we met in person. Some people may have thought that I was being rash to move across the world for a girl I had never met. But you CAN really get to know someone without being face-to-face.

I know I’m talking a lot about marriage. But if the OP is going to move around the world, it has to be serious. The move itself will throw the relationship into high gear (either toward marriage or it will disolve quickly). There’s no way to move around the world and stay casual.


Wow, just wow. That’s like so bad it’s good, ha ha. :grin:

But unless your wife is complaining about you not being romantic enough, probably no need to change anything.


Very unromantic but very practical. But perhaps a romantic gesture once in while could go a long way. It’s better to set the bar low on those than really high going into the relationship lol.


I’m stil shocked pics of her legs will have you flying half way across the world. Kids these days have to show a lot more on snap chat.


something wrong if a picture of legs can do that. it wouldn’t get me to move halfway across taipei.


It wouldn’t get me to move off the couch.


I’d move half way across the globe if a girl showed me her legs… or even replied to me tbqhwy


Maybe it’s because you type stuff no one understands like tbqhwy


I agree to be quiet honesty with you