Taiwanese-American guy dating a local TW girl


I actually think this is a good thing. You have a great opportunity to dispel all notions that she might be a gold digger.

When my girlfriend (now wife) were on opposite sides of the world before we met in person, I went to one of those DIY crafty places and made something for her because I’m not very crafty on my own but you can look very crafty when you have a professional standing over your shoulder.

Find a DIY jewelry place near you (hard to find… but not impossible. You might have to travel). You’ll end up with something that has infinite sentimental value and almost zero resale value. It’s a win-win.

When I finally met my girlfriend in person, I took her to the grocery store and knew right away that she was the one when she was ok with my suggestion to put everything back on the shelves (She did walk away with a box of blueberry snacks, though). She still married me!

All I’m saying is… think long-term :slight_smile:.


Of course I am not mailing it to her in advance. I would be gifting it to her when we meet for a date in-person. She asked for an ankle bracelet in passing during one of our chats. Then, a few days later, when we were engaged in a discussion about relationships, and I asked her: “You haven’t met anyone on this app in-person before, so are you willing to meet me?”

She replied, “Yes, as long as you are 真心 (real-hearted/serious).” Then she proceeded to ask, “What did I ask you to buy me?” I responded, “ankle bracelet,” at which point she filled me in on the details of the color and style (with a small bell that will make a sound when walking around and no plated material because she is allergic). I was kind of shocked because American women or Asian Americans wouldn’t ask for this in advance of a first date, but this is Taiwan.


Heh I actually know someone like that. It was a funny/bizzare story but I can’t really remember it now.
I think the guy gave her a matching jacket and when they broke up he asked for it back (and there was something to do with his mum, like he wanted to give it to her or something)


Sounds like you have a real winner. Good luck with the “gaining experience” thing.


obvious troll is obvious. ignores advice, doesn’t respond to serious questions such as how are you going to live here get a job ect, doesn’t take the hints to bog off for more helpful advice on PTT even though he considers himself a local taipei resident and is fluent in chinese… and the story just keeps getting sillier.


I feel like this is a troll post the more I read it.


I am not a troll. Please, I seriously need advice and help. As for money, that’s not a pressing matter for me. I have other sources of income. I’m more worried about making an impression so we can have a relationship. At that point, I can figure out if I want to move back to the island or not. To me, it’s just a plane ticket away. I am an ROC citizen and can come back anytime.


So you’re willing to come finish your civic duty for your country as a male once you come back?


Then, what is your problem?


Yep many transactional relationships here. Very materialistic.

Anyway this is a troll Account, too obvious


I for one love a good troll thread. They’re fun to read when done right. Bravo, OP.

(Because if this isn’t a troll thread, you’re the most naive person ever born)


Maybe the OP is doing a R&D project for a future overseas scam?


Why isn’t Toe_save on this thread?


Not to mention that there wasn’t a backyard cookout anywhere that would turn you away if you posted up with a couple of them in a Hefty bag.
Never mind if you’d already applied the dry rub, them shits would get you LAID, mon!!:howyoudoin:


Oh, for Sweet and Sour Jesus’ sake, can we please stop using “rear” as a verb???
One is having altogether too many disturbing flashbacks to one’s midshipman’s days in service of HRH’s Navy!!

I’m certain brother @finley will concur…


That worked in Chicoutimi, eh?


What kind of girl wears an ankle bracelet anyways. It hasn’t been in fashion for years. The only girls I know who wear them are children.


Maybe she’s under house arrest. :man_shrugging:


How about rared ?