Taiwanese and current events

I know the Taiwanese aren’t known for their grasp or interest in the significance of current world events vis-a-vie the newspaper, but I had a “Chat Class” at my adult school the other day that really awakened me.

And hey I really like this job! Don’t read any negativity into this so much as shock. For the most part I find Taiwanese adults are able to articulate on most general topics of discussion, but only after they have read an article with the class regarding that topic. But even then I have to add much needed fuel to the fire and bring up hypothetical situations to stimulate discussion.

Anyway, back to my reason for posting. The other day in my class I brought in the China Post so we could have several things to talk about in this chat class. I found out nobody had a clue what the Airbus A380 is, even after I showed them a picture. Nobody had any idea what the Concorde was either.

Perhaps this is nitpicking, but I don’t think so. The reason I was surprised is because these folks are otherwise chatty and seem well informed on things in their own country. However, in a country that is allegedley threatened by mainland China’s military, they had little if any knowledge or interest in their own military and its defenses.

At least two people had never heard of Ecstasy (the drug) and one person said she was just now hearing that sometimes kids do illegal drugs, as if it was just now becoming a trend to smoke dope and pop pills at parties. Nobody had any knowledge of the drug trafficking rampant in Indonesia or Southeast Asia for that matter, and two people had never heard of cocaine or heroin, even when it was explained in their own language.

All of the above came up only because it was in their own newspapers, albeit an English newspaper.

So am I to believe that Chinese language newspapers don’t print stories on the above mentioned topics? Would that mean that only western people are thought to follow world news? :s

Sure they know about the war in Iraq and hurricane Katrina, but few knew about the massive earthquake in Pakistan and the Kashmir. To be honest I was a little embarrassed for them :blush: . The only thing they did know about was the bird flu and didn’t want to talk about it because they were bored with it.

And why should they when celebrities are jerking off in hotels and being blackmailedfor it??

News here is for entertainment not education.

Wonder on Dude, these guys aren’t interested in having a clue. Ever heard of the Chong Guo mentality? It ain’t died, baby. Not even over here in little Taiwan.