Taiwanese and how do they handle feelings and stress?

Hello folks,

I come from Germany and have to do with a employee from a taiwanese software company that makes firmware for self driving forklift.
I dont want to bother you by writing all what already happened again, if you are interested, read here: Do Taiwanese have this keeping face thing the same way as Japanese?

Now is the problem that it seems he is lonely and searches for conatct (I wonder why hes so young, hes alone here and first 20 years old, thats a little bit strange for me)

It has become that he is now with me at home, and I want to help him because it seems he has some more or less seroius problems. The last night for example he stood in the middle of the night crying in front of me and asked to cuddle, normally he sleeps on the sofa in the living room, he has a hotel room paid by his comapny too here, but refuses to go back to the hotel sience has was the first time by me at home. I really dont get smart out of this guy. I have the theory that he is in love with me, but the first time as I met him (the time before he was at home by me) he was extremely shy against me and avoided me, than in the first night he was in my home he cried and telled that he has problems with his parents and fear against mainland china and has problems with his job, I really dont get smart out of that, would be really nice if someone who is taiwanese by himself can tell me a little bit how their mindset in focus of problems and this thing with keeping face works. I even asked him if he want to speak tih another taiwanese for example from a taiwanese restaurant here in Germany (A hint from another forumosa user) but he said that thats not necessary.

My actually opinion is that he did not get so much love from his parants in childhood (Dont know how strict the Taiwanese parents are with eduaction, probobly this hurted him)?

Iam 20 by myself, so at the same age as he, but not in a job position in my company that allow me to fly orund the world. He has not such a hard job here (Initilaizing software, no coding or such) and I want to help him if I can, but its hard because I dont know how to speak with him even hes now much more open than before, he stays shy, and I think someone or something has hurted him in the past so much that he is now afraid that another person could hurt him too, if he allows too much psychical contact.

Hope soemone can help me a little bit.

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