Taiwanese Buddhists: An International Environmental Disaster

In 2012, followers released 100kg of cobras in a mountainous area not native to the snakes.

I guess this shouldn’t make me laugh


I think that’s the same group that released a few thousand fish and turtles into the wild and caused huge damage.

Yeah, shades of 28 Days Later. Animal rights groups are often guilty of the same thing.

Outside of their respected cults, Taiwanese Buddhists are rarely actually respected. Merely tolerated. Very illogical bunch of humans. Little man syndrome, put into a teacher and then made into a religion.

Compared to?

A prospering but stressed out society needs a yuppie religion. Buddhism is a yuppie religion. It was invented by a privileged guy with depression issues.


Hehe. Ya. Except the word “need”, pretty much.

Bwahaha. This.

I imagine Herman Hesse’s book inspired the begpackers out there.

You could make a religion out of this!

I think people have already made a religion out of destroying the environment.

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You really know how to stick the knife in and twist while being humorous. That is super vicious. I liked the post though just for your guts and humor.