Taiwanese business partner


Im trying to start a “spare time” business in Taiwan, but to make it a bit easier I really need a taiwanese person that knows his way around Taiwan/Taipei and who speaks english…
He should work kind of as a translater and link between me and the business people I would like to communicate with…

Does taiwanese people read these forums/threads?

Where should I post a message like this, it is kind of a job offer, and I will need a person that will engage seriously in the job… ??

best regards

Just ask any Taiwanese if they want to go into business with you…they’ll jump at the opportunity to rip you off blind before you know what hit you.!!
Caveat Emptor!
Seriously, it is difficult to find an honest Taiwanese businessperson, they just can’t seem to help themselves with sticking their hands inside the cookie jar.YMMV, but even with family or good friends there have been some real horror stories regarding foreign/local joint ventures.
There have been a few successes, but by and large…whoaa!
Bets of luck!

partnerships in general have a chance of working out, if the following ground rules are obeyed:

  1. Both partners have something to bring ot the table. Money alone is not enough.

  2. Both partners know that if the other partner pulls out, the business is dead.

  3. Both partners see eye to eye on most important things.

  4. The partners are able to communicate well, and have a good trusting working relationship streching back to well before the business was started.

Partnerships are in general inherently unstable beasts, and should be avoided, if possible.

One other thing that should be added is … when a Taiwanese person answers yes to your qeustions, it’s not that he/she is going to do so, it’s merely that he/she understood your question … keep that in mind

From the initial post I don’t quite understand why you need a business partner. Translating and conducting business on your behalf is something that could easily be done by an employee. You should be able to find someone reliable who speaks English and will work part time on an hourly basis. Try 104 Job Bank or look for a college kid who knows English but needs experience.

hmm… its not quite a business partner I seek, but more or less a person that could help me like translate documents, help me make the documents, knows good places for helping expanding the business and stuff like that… hmm… maybe I should give it a little more thought, what it is that I really need the help for…

Entrepreneur club, brianbrandt…