Taiwanese-Canadian Married couple need your advice

first of all thanks in advance…

Me(taiwanese) and my husband(Canadian) got married August 2003, My husband is now still in my second tear of university.

Due to Canadian Government, I am not allowed to work here in Canada what so ever unstill my application for canadian immigration is approved…that will take about a year or more.

so the best solution we could come up with is that we both go to taiwan, I’ll find a job no problem, and he can teach english at the mean time.
now my question is…
I have seen posts that says if a person is married to a Taiwanese, he/she doesn’t need to apply for a work permit.

Does that mean my husband can legally teach english in Taiwan although he has not gotten his university degree yet?
if not, can anyone help us out with any advise of what we can do for him to work in taiwan?..maybe being a private tutor? how does that work and where/how do we find student?

we really need some help and Guidant… :blush:

I believe that he can work after you’ve applied for a resident visa because of your citizenship. If he has that visa, I don’t think he will have any trouble.


I am german, just moved to Taipei and they gave me a Visa type R (family reunion to live with my taiwanese wife here). They checked family books in Germany and Taiwan and my police record. After a long health check in Germany I got the visa. I quickly got an alien residence certificate here and they said at the police station I can work without work permit in Taiwan, because my wife is Taiwanese. Exception would be some jobs where I have a lot of influcence on peoples life like lawyer or doctor or teacher - I would need a work permit then. I am not sure if “teacher” means only teacher at public state school or also at some english private school for kids. Please ask your Taiwan representation or phone the central police station in Taipei.
Be carefull when talking to the taiwan representation, because sometimes people even in Taiwan still have the old law in their heads, among which work permits used to be mandatory.

All taiwan representatives were very friendly and helpfull, so do not worry to ask…

cheers and good luck…

Hi, going through the same deal here in taiwan. Things to bring: If married in Canada make sure you have marriage liscence authenticated by the Taiwanese consulate in Canada. He has to bring a criminal record check from rcmp. when you arrive you register him in your household and he then applies for arc. he will be able to work permitless. good luck :slight_smile: