Taiwanese citizen wanting to get citizenship for my 2 boys (3yo eldest and 2month old youngest)

Hi I am a Taiwanese citizen, born in Taiwan to no Taiwanese parents.

I have been residing overseas since I was 3yo.
Now, I have married and have 2 children I want to get Taiwanese citizenship for them too.

Any one with ideas on where to start.


Talk to your local TECO.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but being born in Taiwan does not make you a Taiwanese citizen. Especially because neither of your parents are Taiwanese.

Maybe OP’s family did a naturalization.

Hi I don’t know what process my parents did. But we have Taiwan ID And passport and Also household registry.

Rubber stamp. Take your Taiwanese passport, Taiwan ID and birth certificates of your children to your local TECO and they’ll walk you through the process. I’d bet they’ll be citizens within 2 weeks. Which country are you in?