Taiwanese Citizenship and Renunciation

And the blue collar workers in Taiwan come from SE-Asia. What is your point besides showing us that you do not know what you are talking about?

cyborg_ninja since you keep on harping about migration in this thread about citizenship, I have to tell you that what you write is absolutely wrong.
The people I am talking about don’t come from Eastern Europe. I think about the by far biggest group of blue collar workers in Germany. They are from Asia, namely Turkey. And Turkey is not in the EU. Millions of Turks came to Germany decades ago and live in Germany now. They were hired as laborer just as Taiwan hires blue collar workers from abroad, but in Germany they have a chance to see if they want to stay. In Taiwan these blue collar workers are often not even free to move or to choose where to live and they certainly have no chance to stay. Basically they can do nothing in Taiwan but work, certainly not build up their lives in Taiwan. They are not allowed to bring their family, let alone give birth, change their work, decide where to live and in the case of maids, they often do not even get a room for themselves.

that is … again…wrong. Taiwan is not special when it comes to migration of blue collars and the only thing open is the door to the airplane leaving the island after their time is up.

I don’t know about Germans, but there seem to be some people in the world who think that way:

[quote=“Among the options in a survey, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan’s Division of International Affairs”]Current Status:
Foreigner with ROC nationality[/quote]
michaelturton.blogspot.com/2009/ … -fail.html

:roflmao: Great find!

[quote=“Among the options in a survey, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan’s Division of International Affairs”]Current Status:
Foreigner with ROC nationality[/quote]

Brilliant! :bravo:

Thanks, guys, but I didn’t even notice it when I took the survey in 2009. I think it was Feiren who first mentioned it on the board: [forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … 3#p1071363](A favour to ask from my fellow Forumosans

Forty pages and it seems a good time to wrap part 1 up. Part 2 here: Taiwanese Citizenship and Renunciation II

I can’t tell if this has been asked before, but does anybody know how to, or what document to show to assert I can’t obtain a certificate of loss of my original citizenship?
The constitution/law of my government, Nicaragua, stays that I can’t lose my citizenship, does this fact counts as a proof that i can’t present the requested certificate for causes not attribute to me?

Thanks, I’m at this loop right now, so I’ll really appreciate if someone can help me

Thanks again

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In theory, it should. You need to provide some kind of proof that you presented the petition to the proper authorities…and they said no.

Do take advantage of the fact that you have an embassy in Tianmu to stamp your paperwork quickly.

Do try to gather evidence also of fellow Nicaraguans who have acquired ROC Taiwan citizenship.

Buena suerte y que todo salga bien.


Hi there!

Thanks, I appreciate your time to reply to me.

I’m in an uphill battle right now. My government authorities had denied me any document saying that my petition has been rejected based on our constitution. I think I’ll show my legal petition and my country constitution to the Minister of Interior here in Taiwan and hope for the best.

But, worse case scenario, do you happen to know what could happen if the Minister of Interior rules to cancel my citizenship application? I’m on TARC at the moment. Do I have to leave Taiwan?

Gracias por tus buenos deseos!!!

Do you have their written response? They do not need to say yes, you just need proof that you tried, that you presented the request.

Nope. I don’t have their written response, they don’t even want to take my documents, so that I can show a receipt showing that I did apply for renunciation. Their response so far has been that is due to our constitution, seems that my government doesn’t even have a process regarding this matters and I have been the only person to ask for it…

However, they mentioned that the Embassy of Taiwan in Nicaragua has requested for this info as well… As in how a nicaraguan can renaunce our citizenship in order to obtain Taiwan citizenship, and they had answered that we just cannot.
Taiwan Embassy also shared with me that they had inform Taiwán MOFA about it, and MOFA had informed the Ministry of Interior too since it was MOI who requested this info.
Buuuuuut… I still don’t have an official document showing all of the above.
I still will proceed to create a notary document of my petition, get the constitution and translated in CH and cross my fingers basically.
So, that’s what brings me to my question, what happens if MOI says no… Kinda need to be prepared I guess…

Did you hand in your documents in person or did you mail them?
If you didn’t do allready, I’d sent a letter, stating that you want to renounce your citizenship and and ask, what the necessary steps are. You will likely get an letter back with an official letterhead from your embassy, stating, that it is impossible due to your country’s constitution. Bring this to the Taiwanese office in person and ask them if this is good enough for them to work with.

Good luck with your endeavour!


Could you ask to your country’s authority, such as embassy, to issue a document explaining renunciation isn’t allowed by your constitution?

I now read the previous post, and found the same thing already proposed…

You need a copy of the answer to the Embassy. You need something written, even if it is a certified Constitution.

What @FenjaJie said.

Hi there!

As an update, I haven’t been able to get any official document from any authority of my country. My worst nightmare is becoming a reality.
I visited my Embassy in Taipei and they had explained me that they cannot accept my letter requesting the renunciation of my citizenship nor they can provide me with a document stating that I cannot renounce.
My only hope at the moment is the fact that MOFA has been notified that we Nicaraguans cannot renaunce our citizenship and yet they had approved my application.
I really need your help with any information that you may know. What happens if MOFA rules to cancel my application since currently I am on TARC

Well, what comes to mind, you can show them the list of Nicaraguans, Hondurans, and Japanese they have accepted before under the same “can’t renounce” conditions. And they are citizens now.

Your embassy cannot accept the letter but can give you a written statement of why they can’t quoting the Constitution. That will help.

Meanwhile, persevere. Los molinos de Dios muelen lento pero muelen fino.


Hi @Tk3, greetings! Do you have any updates on your case?

Hi @DakenX, greetings!

Well, I followed what @Icon had thankfully shared with us. I presented my case of not being able to renaunce with all the documents that I had at the moment, and attached the translations into Chinese by a tranlation agency. I just showed everything to my HRO officer.

The HRO officer, she was very knowable about these type of cases, and gave me some guidance, but at the same time, she was constantly making sure that I understood that there was nothing guaranteed.

Thankfully, MOI concluded that I can proceed and right now I am waiting to complete one year on TARC to proceed to get my Taiwan ID. Up to know, I don’t know if I were just a lucky person, I can’t really tell what is the criteria of MOI to accept or deny on this cases.


Congratulations. Felicidades! Enhorabuena!

The year goes fast and soon you’ll have your ID. Freedom!

As to what the government officials think, it depends on the phases of the moon, their mood that day, whether they got a good parking spot…


Great news! Glad to know everything worked out for you.

I will start the TW citizenship application this November, and I’m kinda in your position being also from Central America. I have been in touch with my embassy (Honduras) lately and they told me that given that I’m Honduran by birth, I will always be Honduran, so there’s no way they will remit any official documents to renounce my citizenship, cause the constitution prohibits it. What they will provide in this case is to provide a No Objection Letter (Carta de no objeción). They have done this to other Hondurans and it has always been accepted by the Taiwanese authorities.