Taiwanese compatriot

Im an overseas Taiwanese I was born in Middle East, both my parents hold Taiwanese Passport, me either. But we’ve never been to Taiwan, now I need to go to Taiwan with my three kids to get an ID card, Hu Kou, and Tai Bao Zheng. My husaband is a Taiwanese citizen, he can sponsor us and apply for a JVRV. But I was told even we hold Taiwanese passport, and eventhough my husband is Taiwanese national , we can’t get our ID card and Hu Kou immdediately. Since we are an overseas Taiwanese, kids and me have to stay in Taiwan for a period of time to get those necessary paper. I need to know what’s the required procedures to apply for a visa to go to Taiwan , and after we get Taiwan what other procedures we must have to follow to apply for a Tai Bao Zheng and Id card? Many thanks :laughing:

You seem to be starting these threads all over the place. How many is it up to now? There are not many overseas Taiwanese in your position posting here, you know. Why do you think people here will have the information you seek? Try your nearest Taiwan representative office.

Im sorry if my previous post seems to be boring and dull , ofcourse I did asked the Represenitive office in the country where I live , which is Saudi Arabia. But they have only provided me with indefinite answers, they kept telling me to travel to Taiwan and find out everything by myself, there is nothing definite until we go to Taiwan first. I just wanted to hear from those like my situation and learn more, as people always say ask an expert :slight_smile: the problem is Im going there with my three children, its a little be complicated, and Im a little bit worry. Thier father won’t be able to stay with us, he’ll be going back and forth. thanks again for your help :laughing: