Taiwanese Films and Movies

Sorry but the best Taiwanese film is Yi Yi. It’s constantly ranked as one of the best films of the 21st century.

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I just watched Paradise in Service about a conscript in Kinmen in the 60s. Pretty good.

I know this is an old post, but stumbled on it today and watched it.

Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed it.

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Great Buddha

  • A City of Sadness
  • A Time to Live and a Time to Die
  • Dust in the Wind

Your Spiritual Temple Sucks

8.1 stars, movie by Director John Hsu, comedy about Taoism tradition

Top 10 Taiwanese New Wave according to someone.

  1. A Brighter Summer Day, 1991
  2. A Time to Live and A Time to Die, 1985
  3. Rebels of the Neon God, 1992
  4. A Borrowed Life, 1994
  5. Growing Up, 1983
  6. Kuei-Mei, A Woman, 1985
  7. The Peach Blossom Land, 1992
  8. Strawman, 1987
  9. Tropical Fish, 1995
  10. In Our Time, 1982

These movies are almost all historical dramas about life after war when CKS came to Taiwan, life under Japanese rule, autobiographical from people’s childhoods growing up in those times, etc.

A Brighter Summer Day

Taiwan movie, 1991, ~4 hours long, story set around 1960, very nice cinematography, story mostly form school kids life under martial law, long movie, somewhat repetitive with gangs fighting.

Worth a watch for historical perspective if you have free time. I would not call it a great movie.

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I liked Help Me Eros.


The Wayward Cloud, Taiwanese movie, 2005, some famous Taiwan director

Thought it was going to be artistic cinema as advertised but turned into weird adult oriented supposedly artistic cinema somewhat disgusting, uniquely bizarre movie with odd sex scenes, won some international artistic awards, thankfully I could fast-forward through the long slow artistic scenes, I’ll never think about watermelon the same again.

Looking through this old thread… talk about getting movies at Blockbuster or going to theater for NT$70.

What Time Is It There?

Supposed to be artistic cinema, but barely resembles a movie, first 4 minutes watching and old man smoke a cigarette, very little dialogue and lots of long continuous scenes with nothing happening like someone sitting in a chair or laying in bed.

Your Name Engraved Heriein

I remember I watched that trilogy. When you want to like something, and it has something special-weird to it, but…

What did you expect? It’s directed by Tsai Ming-liang! :rofl:


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A Sun

Haven’t seen a Taiwanese film this good since Edward Yang’s “A One and a Two.” Brought me to tears several times as I watched. Highly recommend it.


I am very interested in this film.

Watch it. It’s on the long side, but it was time well spent, and I plan to watch it again. For someone living in Taipei, it was interesting to recognize places. I was blown away by the performances by everyone in the cast. The cinematography was outstanding too.



Cracking movie.

Also as a Taipei-ite it’s fun to spot the locational discontinuities. I.e. when the action segues from one location to another and watching you go, weren’t they just in xizhi how come they’re suddenly in downtown Taipei?