Taiwanese food restaurant recommendation

My friend is coming to Taiwan.
Is there any good Taiwanese food restaurant we can go in Taipei?

xinye is very good. there are a few, a new one in 101, one on corner of shuangcheng and dehui, one on zhongxiao in dinghao i believe, may be more. most people get the congee with various “small dishes.”

Are there many dishes mixed with internal organs?

Wisher, arent’ you Taiwanese? Shouldn’t you be telling us where the good Taiwanese restaurants are?

Yes,I am Taiwanese. But I don’t like Taiwanese food much.
So seldom could I have the information about this. :frowning:

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well, it is taiwanese food, there are if you want them :slight_smile:

Since you’re Taiwanese, why don’t you just ask your Taiwanese family or friends?!!

This place in Wanhua. Their squid noodle soup is the bomb. The best I’ve had.