Taiwanese food sucks!!!


It is official: Taiwanese food can be too good. Hong Kong tourist spends 2 thousand NTD a day, gains 5 kilos in 5 days.


What the hell and where the f*** did he eat?


She spent 2000 NTD in teh night market, every night. Netizens say she spent too much, 1000 NTD enough for a feast.

She also had 3 drinks a day. That is 3 milk teas or teas or whatever pudding thinghie, no beer or liquor.


Idiot eats lots of crappy food and gains weight…this is groundbreaking journalism!


You can’t gain 5kg in 5 days.


But … but… it has a lot of views! and likes and comments in FB!



You need to eat 10000 calories a day


I suspect she had a lot of those caramel bubble milk teas. Those are 1000 calories!


Carbs and salt will pack on water weight. Not unheard of power lifters carb loading before a meet to gain weight. Easily can gain 5kg over night.


Really? Well, I stand corrected. It sounds impossible to me.


A professional can gain 5Kg in a few days but the average person on the street not so easy.

Besides, were they using the same calibrated scale or just checking on the next scale they found. Makes for a good story but unreliable.


Where did you hear this? I thought I remember reading braised stuff originated from Hangzhou/Yangzhou cuisine in Fuschia Dunlop’s book - Shark’s fin and Szechuan peppercorns. There’s a lot of BS out there on where food originates from…

Personally I’m from the camp that most of these foods are originally Chinese in some form. Except for disgusting ‘inventions’ like coriander peanut ice cream burritos that is. Australians will always concede that the meat pie is English…


Yes, there’s indeed a lot of BS about anything historical, food or otherwise. I’ve been told by people who run luwei stands that it originates in Chaozhou, and a lot of stands even have Chaozhou in the name, but of course this could just be an advertising gimmick. Let me see if I can find any references…


Yeah, not exactly definitive. Apparently, there’s a luwei museum in Kaohsiung. Maybe they have the answer.



Fries are Belgian, not French or Freedom!


Hotpot originated in Lancashire.


This actually explains why it’s so awful. :wink:


From the country that gave the world Paling in 't Groen? Glass houses…

EDIT: Sorry, thought you were Belgian Pie.


That is the stall with the instant noodles and choose your own bits n pieces to add to it? Maybe I ordered it wrong or went to the wrong stall but it just seemed like poor quality hot pot to me so I wrote it off. Maybe I need to re-investigate.

I always get the fried stuff instead or the 50 kuai salty water chicken.


Coriander sprinkled ice cream wth peanut shavings is pure genius.
I stopped reading after that :).


Awesome! Finger licking!