Taiwanese food sucks!!!


A good curry and a bad diarrhea look almost identical.


It’s just a matter of timing.


I guess that depends on how strong your stomach is.


I don’t see a major problem with the presentation, it is what it is, and they didn’t do any special stravaganzza for selling it.

I do dislike eating off plastic and disposable dishes and bowls though. People here eat like dogs.


True story. My mate once shat himself in an Indian restaurant. He finished his meal sitting in feces.

Japanese curry just looks like shit.


Wherever you go and eat, every family has about the same on the table.


Which was probably the inspiration for the Modern Toilet restaurant.


Yeay, once again!


The meals I have enjoyed most in Taiwan have been in plain surroundings without the bullshit “presentation” that ruins food in the west. When I eat, I eat. I DGAF about decor or garnish.


Garnish should be eaten (edible), not just put on a plate to decorate.


Japanese solidified instant curry tablets, urgh. Prefer a proper Indian curry myself, you can have that one all to yourself. The greens look nice :slight_smile:.


How’s that any different from gravy on potatoes?


Curry is much tastier.


Poutine I’ll give you. Nobody’s going to pump out whole potatoes.


I meant mash potatoes.


on the topic of bian dangs, i just got a pretty good one. rice, cabbage, pak choi, and chao shao pork (dunno if thats how to say it) they had to go and ruin it with penuts and small fish though. fuck those small fish! they have ruined many a bian dang for me.


I actually prefer those to the crunchy little shrimp skeletons with the beady black eyes, but not by much.


Seems like Family Mart has changed offerings with more local style offerings in plastic. The Italian spaghetti and stuff used to look tempting in emergency but now it’s Taiwanese dishes that look scary.


They try all kinds of ‘western’ style yuk!


I tried one of those once, but the sauce was basically sweet ketchup. :nauseated_face: