Taiwanese food sucks!!!


I’ll only chime in this once on this thread to say that I absolutely hate 蝦米 and all its tiny smelly kin with a passion. Any shrimp smaller than 蝦仁 is a no go for me.


Adding those dried shrimp to any dish makes it instantly taste like boiled gym socks.


100% accurate. I’ve always said they taste like feet flakes.


Do I smell a business opportunity?


That’s the top flavor adding ingredient, UMAMI!


I hear that’s Japanese for “moldy jock strap.”


You don’t like the taste of mushrooms, tomatoes, soy sauce?

I think fat is the best flavour not listed under the 4 accepted ones.


Those are great cat treats. The non salted ones for pets brought from Japan. cats love them but leave the little spines for my elbows…

I personally dislike them since teh firts time I tried those dried anchovies they fought back and got struck in my throat.

Here, they are OK but not my favorite snack. I hate those dried curd, dried squid, etc. Those are pet food. That´s where they belong. Not in my bientang or anywhere else.



Mmm, that fatty pork looks good.


It was really, really good. Spent 210 NT on dinner for my son and I.


My solo dinner at Formosa Chang last night. Keeping things low carb. Fast. Not too expensive. Tasty. Forget the bien dang. Order individual dishes.


Formosa Chang’s stir-fry vegetables look alot less oily/more healthy than TaiwanGuy’s place. Or maybe it was just the different lighting?


That’s a lot of meat for one sitting!

Not a great fan of Formosa Chang, but the kids love it so I end up getting dragged there. If you watch the kitchen closely at Formosa Chang, the 油蔥, the secret sauce that everything gets covered with, gets delivered to the restaurants in big plastic bags, from Formosa Chang central command centre. They empty it out of the bags, heat it up, and scoop it on to your bowl of chicken/pork/whatever… it’s a real fast food type of operation.


it looks too sweet.


+1. TaiwanGuy’s greens are dying on the plate…


It wasn’t sweet.


Must be something about the picture. They weren’t very oily. Really fresh and crisp.


I eat a small lunch and I’m starving by the time dinner rolls around. So I get this type of thing to avoid hunger pangs later and the urge to eat cookies or a chocolate bar that follows.

And yeah, Formosa Chang isn’t my favorite, but I did want to get in and out of there quickly. It seems better than McDonald’s to me, especially with my low carb goals.


fatty pork with that looking I get is usually very sweet. I cannot imagine its taste. It must not be something from which sugar is removed.