Taiwanese food sucks!!!


It wasn’t very sweet at all. I’m sure there was some sugar in the sauce it was braised in, but it was far more savory than sweet. Way less sweet than like a holiday ham or something.


All the food posted in this thread looks 100 times better than the CRAP I’m eating these days (except when I’m paying more than 20 pounds or when I go to an Asian restaurant or when I cook my own stuff).


When I went back to Tainan the last time, I was shocked by the price difference and how much better tasting fatty pork rice tasted in Tainan.

That would probably 200 with change. Oh, and it’s called 肉燥飯 down South, because 魯肉飯 in Tainan would have an entire piece of pork instead.


Didn’t know dissolved sugar was visible.


Can’t say I would consider fried breaded pork low carb. Almost nothing fried and breaded is low carb including fish.


Hmm, that pork looks fatty!


That pie chart looks way off! The food seems balanced enough, carbs, protein, fat. Some fiber.


Let’s calculate food cost, cabbage 3 NT$, Egg 5 NT$, water 0 NT$, rice 6 NT$, flour (Balls etc) 3 NT$, Pork 15 NT$ other veggies 2-3 NT$. Total 35 NT$. Gross profit 165 NT$, food cost about 15-20%. Not bad!


I’m not on a keto diet. I’m aiming for about 150g of carbs per day or lower, and will go higher when I exercise that day (like today). I will also aim for lower when I went overboard over a long weekend, when a race is coming up, etc. 15g of carbs is okay with me. That’s low carb for me. And that was breaded chicken, but it’s probably about the same (but it really isn’t a huge piece or anything).


Not bad at all. When I order a steamed cabbage side at the xiaochi near me, they always seem to give me the outside crappy fibrous leaves that you would normally throw away if you are preparing it at home. So in some cases I would argue the cabbage cost is basically zero.


Gas, water, labor expenses…


Keto accepts up to 8g, 2g is ideal.


Yeah, but in the restaurant business you calculate the food cost. The other costs you know mostly and try to keep it within a margin the way you still make a profit.


I’m about 0.5 kilos heavier than I want to be now. So I’m not really interested in keto. I seem to be okay with trying to keep carbs just moderately low most days with some cheat days thrown in (usually on days I exercise, so all is okay). Formosa Chang is actually a good place to have a moderately low carb meal. Taiwanese food at decent restaurants also make it fairly easy, IMO.


Their liberal use of MSG doesn’t bother you? My mouth was tingling from all the MSG last time I ate there.


Really? I didn’t know that was an issue there. I can’t taste MSG. I hope about two times a month is okay.


Yeah, some people are more sensitive to it than others. It always makes my mouth tingle. It’s like a spidey sense I guess.


When you eat less and move more, your fat breaks down to 84% as carbon dioxide and 16% water. For 0.5kg you just need to breath out 420g of CO₂ and piss out 80g of water, more than you would usually.


MSG doesn’t bother anyone in fact. Why do people still push that outdated myth?


Just got to sleep, your body burns about 90 Kcal an hour just sleeping. Of course you need to have a brain, because that’s the one burning fuel.