Taiwanese food sucks!!!


Worst. Pinyin. Ever.






Never mind TWO replies and I still have no idea what the Sweet & Sour Jesus she’s talking about.
She could post in friggin Cyrillic and it would be easier to grok, for the love of fuck


It’s called birds of the same feather flock together. I have met a lot who’s said that, which I don’t really know how to respond as it’s a bit rude to straight up say whatever I don’t gaf.


Koreanized version is better


Korean food sucks.


Agree to disagree. Korean version is good, but I still like Northern Chinese better. I also like to add diced tomato for an extra flavor dimension.


Korean BBQ (galbi and samgyeopsal) is delicious. You’re an insane person.


I agree. Anyone who doesn’t like bulgogi is has to be either a vegetarian or insane.


I am looking forward to the food when we are visiting next year. You just need to know where to go, the same as anywhere else in the world.

What happened to the OP anyways?


He is munching on his vegemite sandwich!


Korean BBQ is nothing special and everything else is horrid. Especially kimchi, rice cake, and the appalling crap in small plates/bowls. Idk how to call them.

Probably went on to complain about how much Taiwanese food sucks somewhere else.


Apparently he just got here:

I think what @Tomas said in September of 2008 applies pretty well here:

I like this board well enough, I guess, but I’m glad I didn’t join it till I’d been here about a year and five months.


You mean the kind where you cook the stuff at the table? I’m no gourmet, but I like that, in a lettuce leaf with ssamjang (or gojujang) and garlic and a little rice. Stinky bean soup (doenjang?) afterwards.

Ate that with co-workers in Korea, a long time ago.


Yep, that stuff. Wash it down with some soju as well, if you’re so inclined. Taught in South Korea as well before I was in Taiwan.


both of these are typical fare found on almost every street. maybe spend less time bitching and more time exploring and you might find something to enjoy
just a thought. you are having culture shock it happens to everybody , you can either be a cunt and bitch about everything until you implode and run away or put your head down power through it and start exploring life here, what kind of person are you? this is where you decide


This is probably the Taiwanese animosity towards Korea I’ve heard so much about.

But Korean food is superior to Taiwanese food any day.


apart from korean bbq, is there anything that koreans won’t put chili paste on it? honest question.

i’ve never been to korea but from what i have experienced (here in taiwan and elsewhere) and from what i’ve seen on tv (thank you andrew zimmern), it looks like EVERYTHING is seasoned with chili in some form. if you know of any other korean dish that is made completely without chili, please let me know.


i don’t like spicy food and chili taste too much. any suggestions?
i’m asking because i’d like to think that every cuisine has something to offer for everyone but korean cooking never did it for me but i haven’t given up hope yet. i still believe there’s a least one dish that’ll catch my heart