Taiwanese food sucks!!!


Okay, fair enough. They put it on a lot of stuff (certainly not all… bulgolgi, naengmyeon (a cold noodle dish), and their awesome fried chicken don’t usually come with it, to name a few). But just like Mexican and Vietnamese food, most Korean food places in Taiwan are not good. There’s a couple average places, and then a whole bunch of really bad places. If you want to try good Korean cuisine for yourself, fly to Korea. It’s not like Taiwan is that far away.


ok, i may go there sometime after my want to go list is empty:p

thing is, i had some really mediocre mexican, vietnamese etc. etc. food here and i was still somehow satisfied. but i never craved for korean food. it’s still a mystery to me. i guess it’s an acquired taste, which i can someday learn to appreciate



Even bad Mexican food can still be okay and satisfying in a pinch. Korean food is either bad or good. There is no in-between.


It definitely sucks if you do any kind of weight training or body building , as finding large sources of protein here without breaking the bank is hard. Although I found my source in Soya Bean Milk with egg cakes. It can be like a Wolf scouring for emaciated deer.


what is an egg cake?


thats a thing? i’ve seen it in china. they insulted koreans a fair bit when i was there. but in taiwan i’ve only heard them speak of plastic surgery. which is totally fair. other than that koreans are very well liked here it seems. probably number 2 behind japanese.


And they like it here too. Droves of them in Ximenting. Around Taipei downtown. They munch local fare happily.

As I said, around my house there are several Korean food restaurants. One is on te main road, always full, all you can eat…it’s craptastic. The little holes on the wall are awesome.

My favorite was in Gongguan, laoban boasted that he brought his sauces from Korea. Alas, it is gone.

I have been a fan of kimchi since I met it in the ol country. We had a reasonable population of Koreans, so I had several friends, classmates and neighbors from Korea. One of the Korean neighbors introduced us to wearing slippers in the house and we never went back. She also introduced us to bulgogi and Korean pickled veggies, which I luv. However, AFAIK, there was only one Korean restaurant in the whole country.


[quote=“BHL4life, post:165, topic:169558, full:true”]
what is an egg cake?


Yes, it’s a thing. Look at them ditzes.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard 蛋餅 referred to as “egg cake”, although I would expect to see that literal translation on signs. I always hear and say danbing.

I’m just surprised that in ten years I’ve never heard it. Have I been living under a rock?


Quite possibly! (Geocaching involves living under a rock, doesn’t it?) Like you, I’m surprised I don’t often see the literal translation “in the wild”, but I’m constantly telling my students that simply writing or saying danbing is probably better than the rather misleading term “egg cake”.


“Egg pancake” is sometimes used, but it’s only slightly better.


on a Rock


The term I prefer is “Chinese egg enchilada.”


I was hoping that wasn’t the case.

Chikko roll perhaps?


I believe I have seen them called Chinese pizza (I know I’ve seen that for congzhuabing, but I think I’ve seen it for danbing too). Although to be honest, “Chinese egg quesadilla” wouldn’t be totally absurd … well, it would, but if you’re trying to describe it, OK, I can see where you’re going.

Once in a while I’ve tried to explain that “egg pancake” just makes me wonder what’s going on with the pancakes that don’t have eggs, but that conversation has never gone well.


I’ve seen “Chinese pizza” as a translation for 蔥油餅 (congyou bing) on several occasions. It seemed a little ridiculous…until I realized that it really helps explain why pizza in Taiwan is so bad.


How very typical of you.

Taiwanese people say they don’t like Korean food = bias, anti-Korea sentiment, insane

Foreigners say Taiwanese food sucks = long essay response about why the food sucks by introducing laughable theories on rent and property prices

I’m done here.


I’m clearly a noob. I ordered a 煎餅 yesterday. The gal told me they didn’t have it, that they only had 捲餅。aren’t they the exact thing, but one rolled up and one flat?
Now I know my mistake. I should have said 蛋餅


I never heard it called egg cake. MAYBE egg roll, but I might be making that up right now. Just for confusing you.