Taiwanese identity as the nation


Do you think Taiwanese in general, or if you do not prefer the term “in general” substitute it with “the majority of”, has the identity or level of nationalism most of nationals in other countries have?

I believe, in the long run, Taiwan has no other way than
A. to be a county with its nation with their identity as a nation where the ruling party and the opposition will not fight over if Taiwanese should bend knees for economic benefit or not, or
B. to be a part of other country.

I am not talking about political independence here, but their ideology. Many Taiwanese want Taiwan to be regarded as a State, but which does not always mean their identity has enough qualification or rather maturity as national of country.

Since I do not know many Taiwanese, I would like to ask your impression about it.

From my personal experience I believe Taiwanese do not have the maturity of nationalism other nations have, but I know no Taiwanese who are keen about politics.


I think you’d have to define “mature nationalism” first. If you’re referring to what people would respond when asked where they’re from, then I think it’s pretty evident that everyone would just say Taiwan.

But if you mean the Korean/Chinese sick shit mentality then thank god, there’s nothing like that here.


For example, a Mexican will never sell their country as an independent
nation for economical benefit from US. Any nation of a “normal” country
we imagine will never sell their independence for economical benefit,
which I described as “mature nationalism”.

On the other hand, to my impression, there is quite a possibility of
Taiwanese actually exchanging their current state of political
independence for economical benefit from better trade from China. 洪 秀柱
is the leader of that movement and it looks like they have already set
how coming 3 year they will act.

In “normal” countries, there are no such a 洪 秀柱 who tries their country
to be merged into other country, even any extreme political right or
left have such an attitude toward their own county.

Is it clear now?


That’s exactly why they lost the last two elections miserably.


Your reply suggests you believe there will be no turning back anymore in near future and I really hope what you wrote “That’s exactly why” to be true.

But I see the situation differently. There still be plenty of possibility they change their mood.

Thank you for your reply.


Regarding your A and B choices, I agree that it neatly encapsulates Taiwan’s options but doesn’t it apply to any country or place?