Taiwanese Illegitimate Child to acquire Taiwan Passport

I am a Filipino Citizen 31 yrs of age and an illegitimate child of my father who’s a Taiwan Citizen. I don’t know anything about him before. I thought he was dead but found him alive since 2014 and consistently have communication with him but never meet each other yet. Now he wants me to acquire a Taiwan Passport because he wants me to live with him.

My question are as follows:

  1. Am I eligible to apply for a Taiwan Passport?
  2. What are the requirements needed for Taiwan Passport?
  3. Do they require DNA Test to prove our father daughter relationship?
  4. How long is the process of acquiring Taiwan Passport?
  5. Does it require to pass Chinese Mandarin Exam?

Another concern is his first name on my Birth Certificate. I was able to use his last name but his first name is not his real name since he was a Taiwanese my mother doesn’t know his real name, only his English name so the first name indicated on my birth certificate is wrong.

Does it affect my application? and Do I need to correct my birth certificate first before I can apply?

Thank you in advance for all your insights regards this matter. God bless.

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this is probably beyond the scope of most of us forumosan posters. Your Dad needs to set the wheels in motion in Taiwan and figure out from there what needs to be done.

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  1. Yes.
  2. Don’t know exactly.
  3. Not necessarily…No.
  4. Don’t know.
  5. No.

I don’t know that I would use “illegitimate child” in the 21st century. You were born out of wedlock, sure, but you are quite a legitimate human. I’d say over half the people I know in Taiwan had children before they were married. Plenty of others in other countries too. I’d reserve “illegitimate” for the tabloids when talking about/trying to hurt royal families and celebrities


He already did. Infact he have checked already how to help me get the Taiwan passport in Taiwan, but officer talked to him that it is the way in Phillipine to work out this problem.

My father has his first family and had 2 children before me and was not married to my mother.

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I don’t have anything to offer in terms of acquiring a Taiwanese passport, just a friendly warning - be very careful what you get yourself into. Why does he want you to live with him NOW after 31 years? Does he still live with his family? How do they feel about it? Not knowing the situation, I am just concerned that you will be used as an unpaid/cheap maid to wipe his butt at his old age…


By law, you can apply for Taiwanese citizenship if he adopts you. He need to go to city or county hall registrar office to find out the procedures.
I would suggest that you visit him in Taiwan to get the feeling. If he pay you all expense that would be a first good sign.
If he is a responsible father he would need to show and prove to you.
Although I am a little suspicious to his motivation, he has to prove that he is a responsible father and you need to feel comfortable.
He need to do all legal work, not just ask you to prove yourself.


Fwiw the MOJ’s translation of the Civil Code uses this:

婚生子女 = legitimate child
非婚生子女 = child born out of wedlock

I dont have to worried about that he did a lot of good things to me to make up with me. My father is a good man he also have a good life. What he wants is to secure my future reason why I need to undergo these process.

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Yes he already did a lot of good things for me. There is no doubt about it. Infact his willing to meet all the requirements I need on his part.

Most of this kind of things are explained on relevant authorities’ sites, unless your case is extremely complicated. and when your case is extremely complicated, the possibility of people know how to do may be very low. so it may be better to ask to relevant authorities directly. In your case, relevant authorities are TECO in Philippines on your passport, and Household registration office in Taiwan on acknowledgement or adoptation by your father. HHR office does nothing on your passport, other than issuing some documents for your passport application.

You may already check, but I put a link to TECO’s page explaining how to get a passport. Required documents and how to prepare them are explained.

What are the requirements and procedure in applying ROC Passport(First Timer)?

3. When the applicant is illegitimate:2) If the father is an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national while the mother is a foreigner, the father must first accomplish an acknowledgement record (if the father has household registration in Taiwan, he will need to submit the birth certificate and the mother’s certificate of no marriage-CENOMAR and other relevant documents to the household registration office in Taiwan to register the Regarding the details of this matter, please consult the household registration office where the father has household registration), only then the child may qualify to possess R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationality and apply for the passport.

The name on your cirth certificate is the same with his English name on his passport? His date of birth, address, etc. are recorded on your birth certificate? If so, I think it may be OK. If it is not so, or even it is so, Household registration office might request additional documents to prove your father daughter relationship, such as his affidavit, photos of your mother and father and you, old letters from/to him to/from your mother, DNA test, etc. You father should ask at Household Registration Office what they need to approve his appplication to acknowledge you.

If you cannot prepare your mother’s certificate of no marriage-CENOMAR for the time when she pregnant and gave birth you, you maybe need a court order to declear that you are his daughter by DNA test.

This post and the thread might add some info.

After living in Taiwan for a year as his daughter on your Taiwan passport, you will get your citizenship. While living in Taiwan, you can work with your own work permit.

If you are recognized as his daughter, you may be given some legal obligations to take care of him when he will become not able to live on his own.

When you are adopted by him without a proof of your father daughter relationship, your can do naturalization after living in Taiwan for 3 years. While you are living as his daughter, you cannot work, iiuc, so if you want to work, you need to get a work permit sponsored by a company, and should live on a residency based on the work permit. Years on study based residency or blue collar employment based residency are not counted for the 3 years of the naturalization requirment. You need to renounce your Philippine nationality, when you do naturalization, though you can claim it back soon, iiuc.

After you get a passport, you need to get a TARC, on which you will find some information on NIA site.


The fathers name on my Birth Certificate was his Nickname in Philippine not his Real English Name. The Nationality and Religion are correct.

I really appreciated ypur replies and taking time answering my concerns. Every informations you provide is a big help for me.


I believe all options to get a Taiwanese passport or ID have been answered.
House hold registration office at each region is the first authority to process your father’s application. Your father will need to consult them based on whatever document he and you have. Hopefully the HHR office can accept it. Otherwise a court division may need. A lawyer may be easier if your father feel it is too complicate for him.
At least, you are eligible if proper documentations are accepted.
You can also consult Taiwan’s consulate in Philippines.

Thank you for the information. We are almost done comolying his requirements needed for filing our Petition for Correction of Entries on my Birth to the Court. Were done with MECO authentication and currently waiting for his documents to be released. Once released he will be sending all those documents to me here in the Philippines.