Taiwanese "Italian" Girls

So, I’ve noticed this particular variety of Taiwanese girl and I’m fascinated by them. For lack of a better description, they have high long thin noses and fairly light skin. They tend towards European looking, but aren’t. I have had several western friends describe them as the “Italian” girls. When I asked one of my friends who has been here for a while what is up with the genetics of all of this, he said that it was the Dutch. But the Dutch weren’t here long enough. Or were they?

Does anybody have any ideas?


Well I know one TW girl who really is half Taiwanese and half Italian :slight_smile:

But yeah the caucasians have been in Taiwan since a long time ago and some of them have left their genes behind.

Thats why TW girls are so pretty. They are a mix of all kinds of chinese , taiwanese aborigini plus the occasional japanese and western mixed in.

Or you may have seen some eurasian girls. Those are white/asian mixed girls. A lot of them tend to be very pretty indeed.

Don’t get them from the night markets. Those are raised in girly mills.

I mean I can tell the Eurasian kids pretty well. It’s just really interesting to me that everybody I know who I ask “Hey what’s up with those taiwanese girls that look this way and that.” And EVERYBODY is like oh yeah the Italian girls …

Night market point taken. But can I still buy my dildoes there?

Some of the aborigini girls have the features you describe too. Big eyes with slim noses. They are often very cute!! And there are others like one of my former gfs who obviously had a whitey in her family tree somewhere with her features (big eyes, big tits, white skin, slim nose).

Yeah, but pale skin is common in Mainland China too. Not every Chinese is dark or yellow. I think the noses, tits, and eyes are a real indicator of some mixed lineage, though. Bigger frames can be a cue too.

My wife is 1/16th Dutch (grandmother’s grandmother), and she’s tiny with a ‘money nose’. Still, it’s possible.

i don’t know, they all look they same to me

Taiwan has a mix of ancestors as do all Chinese. The aborigines have a wide spectrum of body types and colours, some being darker and some actually being lighter skinned, some smaller and some larger than Han peoples!
Then southern Chinese are generally smaller in stature and darker than northern Chinese. Northern Chinese can be as tall as westerners with bigger noses. Some of the mainlanders that arrived with KMT troops came from Northern China, they can be quite easy to spot with different profiles and body types. People from Dalian spring to mind.

Then there was some influence from other minorities and European settlers.

Within these groups there is further mixing and these are all just generalisations, there are quite a variety of appearances in Taiwan but what tends to happen is that anybody outside their usual ‘tick the boxes typical Taiwanese look’ is assumed to be foreign. This is usually not the case in my experience!

Hey people,

SOme of you are right, it’s pretty common to see Taiwanese chicks with bit of islander gene or pure breed. I once dated an island chick and if you see her you wouldn’t think she’s Asian. My advice is, date of those chicks,they are prettier than a thoroughbreed Tawanese and they do resemble some europian features.

Go for the mongrols… lol

Just find the girls that were the result of some one night romance.

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