Taiwanese lesbians and foreign (brown skinned) partners?

Hello Forumosa, and thank you for having me. I recently came into some loot :discodance: so I’m moving to Taipei, for hopefully a few years, in 4mths. My mandarin is conversational, don’t know any taiwanese dialects, but I think I can manage. Since I’m going to be there for a while, I was wondering if anyone knows about the lesbian scene in taipei and whether or not the stigma is the same as when taiwanese males date darker skinned females. I saw a post about males dating black females, but I prefer the fairer sex so yea. I’m not tall, not fair skinned, BUT i’m one of those “skateboarder-8 trillion piercings and tattoos all over-grungy style-token black (lols)- artsy glasses-musician” types. I also come from a fairly well to do family, if that makes any difference.

Are the females very timid? Aggressive (highly doubt it)? Attractive (1 out of 10? 5 out of 10? in your opinion)? Do they seem to have an eye for financial wealth rather than true feelings as in my experiences with japanese females? I know these are very broad questions, but I think you guys’ personal experiences with females might help.

Oh yea, I’d be considered a T and not a Pao/Po, however it’s spelled. Thanks in advance.

Well, I don’t know about the lesbians, but a lot of the straight ones sure do! :laughing: Good luck, jazumin and welcome to fcom.

The ones I have come across and know they are lesbians have both been extremely timid and extremely pretty !!

I had a black gay friend who never complained a single moment and loved it here.
As far as I know Taiwan is pretty much a gay/lesbians paradise, for foreigners that is.

About your money: simply don’t be a “Santa Claus” the whole time.
Give when you feel they deserve it and definitely not when they don’t.
Works perfectly for me, all my friends know what to expect from me, and what not.
Ps I don’t have to work for money.
(and No, I am not gonna give anybody a loan here, f**k off :raspberry: )

Welcome to Taiwan :bow:

I may be gay but I have no clue what a T or Pao Po is.
Explain (no gory details please lol).

[quote=“FransInTaiwan”]I may be gay but I have no clue what a T or Pao Po is.
Explain (no gory details please lol).[/quote]

In general,
T = butch psuedo-man with some form of a pixie cut. This is the only hairstyle Ts are apparently allowed to have?
Puo = lesbian that is not really discernible from straight girls

Most lesbian couples seem to be a T+P combo, where the T is expected to behave…exactly like a man.

jazumin.AVENGER, if you’re not fugly, I think you’ll have a wonderful time here. There seems to be a very high percentage of girls who are lesbians here. It’s a fad right now. And in general I don’t think young straight girls are all that frightened by lesbians. I think it’s slowly becoming socially acceptable for girls to date Ts or guys. There are like 100 lesbian couples on the street for every 1 gay couple you see maybe. I mean, I’ve never really actually seen gay guys walkin down the street here looking lovey. But all the girls act like happy regular boy-girl couples in general, and no one really even bats an eye.

There are no brown skinned lesbians here (that I know of) Things should be fine…the T/P mix drives me mad. I have short hair and only the Ps are interested in me, but I prefer tomboys…aaargh.

You can PM me for details…I have a bunch of foreign and local friends that are all really cool. Also check out Taboo club. facebook.com/home.php?#!/pag … 8913823…1

and I wouldn’t be telling people I’m rich all the time. If you’re into P’s that will cost you a lot…darnit they’re into their labels!!

Ooooh, T for Tomboy!
We have loads of those here, almost always walking hand in hand with their gf.

Off course guys won’t do that! Why would you show the whole world you are taken already? That would just minimize your chances with all the other cuties you haven’t met yet. :sunglasses:

hahahahahahah, HILARIOUS!

Have you tried just coming on to them in an obvious manner? Ts generally seem kind of shy like.

idk if this will be double posting (hope not.) but . .

thanks for our responses. i hope we can keep in touch until the summer! you seem like a pretty ok crowd. and there are some homosexual brethren so, yippy!

well, i don’t think im fugly personally. (fugly is such a strong, GAY, word lol) but i’m just nervous about the staring and pointing and all that. AND i don’t want to be a “trophy” lol. been there done that and it’s funny, but then humbling at the same time.

it’s just like in america. greed is universal. and i’m very cautious, especially in a foreign country to me, for now. plus i’ve had an asian x who was all about money and taking care of her parents. i mean, maybe once i’m ripe and seasoned and have felt true love, but not yet.

i will pm you if thats okay. thanks again for the responses.

oh yea, its off topic a little, but if any of you have been out to many different clubs/venues, are there any good places with rock/metal style music. i know its mostly hip-hop and all that jazz, but ehhhh, not my scene.

i think that will work out fine. BUT i probably won’t meet anyone for the first couple of months anyway.

i hope im not coming off like some of the pervs i’ve heard about :ponder: :no-no:

sooo, yeaaa, how was the “settling in” experience for you guys?

Can I have some money?

hehe, “dunno which one to choose first”
ended up trying them all, not done yet and getting a huge pain in my back :roflmao:

Seriously; after over 4 years I still don’t understand why foreigners here are so highly valued.
Somebody should really tell them that most of them are just a bunch of arrogant pricks (myself included off course).


if you work for it :popcorn:

[quote=“FransInTaiwan”]Seriously; after over 4 years I still don’t understand why foreigners here are so highly valued.
Somebody should really tell them that most of them are just a bunch of arrogant pricks (myself included off course).[/quote]

ha ha lol. are they/you really? well, that’s not good at all! i would figure being on an island where the people outnumber you a few million to one would make you a little somber. i can only imagine the clashes in personalities. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

oh man, is the drama really THAT bad? if you know what i mean.

For Rock & Metal, I would generally suggest the following venues:

  • “Roxy 99” @ 10min from Guting MRT (club with a pretty OK DJ, especially Wednesday Rock night can be fun… I also saw some western as well as Asian lesbians there - some lesbian couples even looked interested in guys, so Sandman might want to take a look hehe)

  • “Velvet Underground” @ Ximending (Live club, sometimes pretty nice metal bands there)

  • “The Wall” (haven’t been there, but supposedly also good live bands with lots of rock & metal)

  • “Maybe” @ 10min from Zhongxiao Dunhua (small bar, mediocre food, good alcohol… have a kind of self-made Karaoke screen for the lyrics of their classic rock music… but you can also ask the DJ for specials, they have some pretty good MP3s on stock… it can be lots of fun singing German RAMMSTEIN songs there hehe)

  • “Roxy Roots” @ Neo19 building near 101, near City Hall MRT (raggae style lounge thingie, I was told pretty good live bands once in a while)

Generally, the events section at the right of this website might help: taipeimetal.com/

Also, just as an idea, the (eastern/yilan?) TWese Surfer scene is supposed to be very cool for just hanging out with, and as you describe yourself you might be fitting in just perfectly :slight_smile:

Either way, enjoy your stay here! If any better directions then given above are needed, I’ll compile some more detailed info for you as well as our fellow rock/metal fans, just let me know. Maybe even in a new topic, if there is no suitable topic available yet - I’ll check.

Oh, and be sure to get MSN (everyone uses that here), get on facebook & myspace… and maybe even try friends.forumosa.com/ … No idea if it helps you find a female partner, but for finding friends with similar interests it seems a good (and accepted - as opposed to Europe or US as far as I feel) thing to try there. To use it effectively it costs a bit of money, but might be worth it for you.

thank you so much. i checked out that site and i think i’m all set.

thank you everyone for your insight.

The site about Taiwan Metal or Forumosa friends? :wink:

oh sorry :doh:

actually both. for(u)mosa friends i gave up on because i don’t like to pay for anything lols. and taipei metal just made me all warm inside. i didn’t know the scene was as big as it is. you have no clue how that made me feel a little more at ease knowing there are weirdos like me there as well.

thank you soooo much for that. i owe you! :2cents: lol.