Taiwanese local companies don't hire multilingual employees?

Hi there,

Me and my bf are currently living and working in Taipei.
Our contracts will end in approximately 3 months.
However, we started to look for jobs around 2 months ago and we haven’t got too much interview replies…
We are aiming for IT companies/ sales position.

I have 3 yrs sales experience (1 yr for IT) and my bf has 5 yrs sales experience (luxury and IT). I speak only English and Chinese. And my bf is italian/British, he can speak both languages and is fluent in French/Spanish. He speak Chinese too and is able to write and read.

Are there any job opportunities recommended? Or any companies that are looking for foreign sales?
We really wanna stay in Taipei cuz we love it here…

Hope to hear your advice! We appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Passport is the most important thing. Which one do you hold?

Time of year might be the awkward bit. Things should start opening up around Chinese New Year.

Try this. This is the company I am working on. Location in Linkou, halfway between the city and the airport.
We make small windmills. Maybe overseas sales position for you?
Our main area of business is Japan, so speaking/reading Japanese would help a lot.

I think the salary not THAT great, but rather than you stray around jobless like a hobo?
Anywho… break a leg.