Taiwanese man arrested with over 200 pounds of Heroin

chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/nati … ice%3A.htm

Over 200 pounds of heroin to be shipped to Taiwan and other points. wow.’

Those cops are such party-poopers.

Well, that’ll get ya into some trouble…

I have never heard of a foreigner in Taiwan doing heroin. Who is the market for this stuff, Japanese men on Linsen Rd>
Seriously, we have that many Taiwanese smack addicts? Do we really?
Say it isn’t so.

There are a lot of smack addicts in Taipei. Take a trip to the clinic on a Monday morning and check out the queue. Methadone treatment is being phased out in favour of Buprenorfine combined with Naloxone. I know a few foreigners who have dabbled in it, but I know a lot more Taiwanese who have a serious problem.

2nd most popular drug in Taiwan after methamphetamine. You can easily go 10+ years as a heroin addict compared to the relatively short shelf life of a cokehead or tweeker.

I think if Taipei City did spot checks with blood and hair samples of taxi, bus and truck drivers. A whole lot of people would be off the road, that should be off the road.

The bathroom in the park at the Linsen/Nanjing intersection has what looks like some kind of needle exchange box. I don’t know how it works, but that’s the first time I ever noticed anything like that here. I just wonder how big of a problem there is.

A doctor at the rehab/detox clinic told me that there’s a massive problem. The reason why the statistics are low is that Taiwan has only recently started treating heroin addiction as a disease and not a crime. Prior to last year, there was nowhere for a junkie to go for help. Of course, there’s also the massive stigma associated with heroin addiction.
The visible recreational drugs are MDMA, Ketamine, crystal meth and cannabis. One can frequently encounter someone using these at clubs and socially. It’s unlikely, however, that you will stumble upon someone spiking a hit of smack in the toilets of Luxy.
Heroin addicts tend to keep underground and out of sight.
I suppose that the liberalising attitude towards heroin treatment has a lot to do with the escalating HIV problem in Taiwan.

Jeez. A lot of hits on this thread. The certainly seems to be plenty of interest in heroin from the expat community. :lick:

This is a little out of date, but there are some interesting numbers…


Taiwan was always on an ATF/DEA life as a major distribution hub for drugs. Given how much container traffic used to come through, it would hard to not be. The difference now is that domestic consumption increased dramatically after the repeal of martial law (or at least it became more visible). Remember how HS students unwittingly would take ice to study more?