Taiwanese marrying Moroccan

Hi Everyone,
I am a Taiwanese, and I am marrying my Moroccan boyfriend in Hong Kong next month, since the marriage registration process is quite simple in Taiwan for marriage certificate issued by Hong Kong government. My question is, how do we make this marriage valid in Morocco without getting married again in Morocco since it’s illegal? Anyone had similar experience that would like to share with me is greatly appreciated!


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Thank you so much!

Why is it illegal?

is it mandatory that both be Muslim in Morocco, or is this a SSM?

I think that’s only the case for a moslim woman marrying a man

Based on what my lawyer told me it’s bigamy even I am marrying the same person. Also, once the marriage is registered in Taiwan I won’t be able to get any documents stating I am still single to move forward with marriage process in Morocco.

No it’s not a SSM. The case would be more complicated if it was a Moroccan woman marrying a non-Muslim man.