Taiwanese Media: Cockroaches

Is there anyone besides me who would like to see Lee Ching-An the rest of her scummy friends and the cockroaches that are called Taiwan’s “media” tarred and feathered? or would that be too good? ftv is the only one of the cockroach channels on cable with any sense of principle, the rest would shoot any poor crippled kid’s bare leg if they couldn’t get their face in half a second. cockroaches on raw meat.

Meanwhile, the Ear-licking story gets top-story coverage from all three English-language newspapers. And the Times runs a piece on the very same day criticizing the media for sensationalism. :unamused:

the media here is funny. No etics, no checking of sources etc. The managing editor of TT used to post here. His conclusions were rather damming.

Moreover, the immunity of parliamentarians here is too broad, meaning that Diane Lee can say whatever she want without fearing repercussion. Remember when she claimed that Jiang Zening had bankrolled A-bians election bid?

Too bad that Lo Fuchu guy didn’t nail her once and for all.