Taiwanese military inquiry

Hello there,

Before I type anything else, I would first like to apologize for any ignorances I may have of Taiwanese laws.

I was born in Taiwan, but at the age of 2, my parents brought me over to America on Travelor’s visas. We outstayed our visas in America, and as a result, became undocumented/illegal immigrants. To make a convoluted/long story short, I was deported to China about a month ago. The reason I was deported to China, instead of Taiwan, is because over the years in America we used a Chinese passport (that I think is illigitamate) to try to apply for citizenship.

Now we’re trying to get back to Taiwan, where I can claim my lawful citizenship…
But as I have found in my research, Taiwan has had mandatory military service since 1949.
And as for my question , what would the Taiwanese government, or the Taiwanese military do to someone in my situation?

Also, I’ve read somewhere that if you don’t stay for more than 4 months they will not draft you? Can someone confirm or disprove this?

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

You have no dual nationality or Green card, and you have not acquired any type of permanent residency in the United States. Military Service is the very least of worries. Since you grew up outside of Taiwan. You are essentially American, but yet you are not. Fitting into the system for you will be tough. You will have to do the military, but to be honest that’s the very…least of worries. I do feel pretty bad for you though and apologize that your life got turned upside down.

I’m not an attorney but I can tell you that have nothing related to the U.S. as far as your situation is concern. Being raised in this country does not make you an American. Worst still, you have been deported and that put on a list. Your worries now are to manage your situation out of China and resolve your entanglement with the TW government. Military issue may be secondary as oppose to Citizenship/residency question (i.e. a TW born national holding a Chinese Passport).

Unless someone says differently, you’re in a world of hurt.

Keep us posted with your situation. I bet you’re not the only one in such a jam. :ponder: