Taiwanese Minorities

“The natives are simpleminded. They have strong belief in their leader, and absolutely comply with government regulations. They are lazy by nature, however”

The above quote describing the inhabitants near the Kuan Wu Forest Recreation Area comes from the R.O.C. Forest Bureau’s web site. Ironically, this comes from the same government that talks of a Human Rights Commission! :shock:


:shock: indeed!

I just sent a message to the Council of Indigenous Peoples, requesting that someone there educate the folk in the forestry department. :smiling_imp:

I believe this is just a translation error. The Chinese version of the page (recreate.forest.gov.tw/forest.ph … &forest=15) mentions

“…moved to the present Xiang. They made their livelihood through their physical labor, lived simply, working hard. Through many years of hard work and struggle, …”

So it actually said the OPPOSITE of being lazy.

it strains belief that that could be a translation error. but something is definitely wrong… with the writing that’s for sure. the beginning is the best.

The residents in Wufeng Shiang are natives.


The multipeaked mountains are stretching.

Now that must be a sight.

I think BAH is right: This is a translation error. These are common because most government agencies do not have qualified translators or even copy editors working for them.

Moveover, far too little attention is paid to most websites in Taiwan. To be direct about it: Most of them suck – and not just because of their poor English.

It goes on:[quote]The neighborhood residents of Hsinchu are ancestors from Guangdung. They moved here from other places, and make a living by laboring. They are diligent and hard working for many years so that they are doing better and better than the natives. Up to this day, these 2 races get along with each other very well without any discrimination.[/quote]
It’s the Hakkas that are getting called diligent and hard working, not the aborigines - and then they say there is no discrimination! Ha! I am really astonished to see this kind of shit on an ROC government web site.

The “History” tab in the Chinese version is not clickable, so I guess the content may have been removed due to protests, but they neglected to remove the English version.

Another page on the Forestry web site (click on “Introduction”) says:[quote]Residents in the neighborhood are mainly Taiya tribe and Saisiat tribe, but there is no residents within this area.[/quote]
Huh? Oh, the Chinese is:[quote]附近居民以泰雅族及賽夏族為主,區內目前無居民。[/quote]
To be clear, the English should be :[quote]Nearby residents belong mainly to the Taiya and Saisiat tribes, but there are at present no residents within the forest recreation area.[/quote]

There is an organisation that campaigns for aboriginal rights at www.watahope.org.tw. The web site is entirely in Chinese.

My message to the head of the Council of Indigenous Peoples bounced. Serves me right for trusting the council’s website to give me an accurate e-mail address.

It may be time to hit the phones.
Forestry Department: 2389-8161
Council of Agriculture (in charge of the Forestry Department): 2381-2991
Council of Indigenous Peoples: 8789-1800

And here’s a direct link to the Web page:

Here’s another number for the Forest Bureau 2351-5441 ext 607. I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes from your day to complain. Let’s bring the page down! :imp: :imp: :imp:

The page has been changed!

(But the English still sucks.)