Taiwanese Modelmayhem?

For anyone that doesn’t know, Modelmayhem is the go-to site in the US for aspiring models/photographers to connect. Anything like that in Taiwan?

Also curious too, have been using MM, Craigslist, and FB in the US to find models.

In Xin-Beitou outside the old Japanese baths and other areas around them, I have seen some people taking pictures of models in Kimonos. No idea when they go, but they look like models for hire. Might try going there sometime and asking them about how to hire them if you see them.

There are most definitely model agencies in Taiwan you can contact. V&L and others. I don’t know about any of their reputations or such, but I do know there are models for hire. Probably not a 1-stop shop like what you mention, though.

There are a few FB model groups.

Such as?

I’ve definitely seen Taiwanese guys on a computer browsing hundreds of amateur models for hire before in the past. I just was really new here and didn’t think to ask him for the site or whatever.

[quote=“strider”]Such as?

I’ve definitely seen Taiwanese guys on a computer browsing hundreds of amateur models for hire before in the past. I just was really new here and didn’t think to ask him for the site or whatever.[/quote]


facebook.com/groups/6505389 … ef=browser

facebook.com/groups/modelan … ef=browser

facebook.com/groups/ModelTa … ef=browser

facebook.com/groups/Modelsa … ef=browser

yeah these are kinda ok but not really what I’m looking for. I know there are websites out there where you can browse the model profiles and portfolios and contact information and rates all right there, I just have no idea what search terms to use in chinese to find them…

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve just gotten started with FB groups in the US as well.

Did you try Googling “Taiwan model agencies”? Seems simple enough.

First result has 20 links to agencies where you can see their models’ profiles:

I guess he’s looking for amatuer models rather than pros; cheaper, easier to work with etc.

Why not just use ModelMayhem? I checked and it works in Taiwan, with lots of models listed (assuming you’re in Taipei).

Yes that is correct, I am looking for amateur models.

Not wanting to depend on modelmayhem because no I’m not in Taipei, and second there aren’t really that many girls there anyway…it’s kind of like using okcupid as a dating app, instead of, um, well actually I don’t know the Taiwanese ones. But the point is it’s a US app, and only attracts a small number of users compared to a local chinese app which almost everyone might use. I actually met a guy at one point a few years back who showed me several sites, there were hundreds and hundreds of profiles on these all chinese sites, which were setup in the same way modelmayhem is, with profiles/portfolios etc. and girls ranging from rates of simply looking for experience and pics to start their portfolios, to very low and middling rates for girls with a bit more experience.

But the main points are, huge selection, also ability to find lots of models in any area in Taiwan.

Depending on your budget, just walk over to some local club (with dacning girls), KTV (the one with compulsory girls), or the beer girl at your local stir fry place and ask what agency they work with/for.

A cheaper possibility would be (as u mentioned) to look at Wechat, Tinder, grinder, fb, whatever app - but you’ll be unlikely to find someone with experience.

showgirl.com.tw/ e.g. ain’t half bad, if ya look for smth. at least semi professional (also guys, if memory serves).

Is there a Taiwanese Craigslist? The actual Craigslist for Taiwan is pretty sparse.

Well as I said, there are lots of sites with exactly what I’m talking about, I just don’t know how to search for them. But none of these suggestions so far are going to be very useful. I am specifically hoping someone else knows the kind of sites I’m talking about and can refer me to them specifically or give me the key words to search for and find them myself.