Taiwanese parents hate me :facebook:

Well that is unfortunate. Here’s hoping your life takes a turn for the better.

I feel lucky. My parents and my Taiwanese in-laws love each other. I’m their favorite son-in-law and they have 3.

Is it because you’re totally awesome, or because the other two set a low bar?

A little bit from column-A, a little bit from column-B. :wink:

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Ha, I know what you mean. I’m the favorite too, but I don’t have to work too hard, because the other son-in-law is a total douche.

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It appears that you are female? So, your husband is a weak assed wimp for not sticking up for you. That’s problem #1. I would never, ever allow my parents or other family members treat my wife with this type of disrespect. I’ve never had this issue, but if I did and I had to make a choice, I would choose my wife over my parents if they behaved like this. Unfortunately in Taiwan, the “men” are usually little cry babies who won’t stand up to their parents due to filial piety, but that’s just a lame assed excuse. The main issue is almost always related to $$$$ and the fear of being cut off from the free house, car and ultimately the money and riches that they hope to inherit. 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶 媽寶!

Easy solution. Use your cell phone and record them insulting you, your parents, etc. Then sue them in court for millions of dollars. Not only will you win and get them to pay you for the insults and bullying you’ve had to endure, but it will make the news and they will further be publicly shamed. DO IT!

Here is your “bible” of references for your research into how to get your revenge on these losers!

You have the right to live a life free from abuse and harassment. Good luck to you.

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Yeah, I was going to say something about how the other two must be real pieces of work…:wink:

One is a shut-in who loves online games more than he does his kids, and the other is a habitual cheater who loves Vietnamese prostitutes more than he does his wife.

Chinese New Year and Lunar Festival must be very exciting for u to spend time with them.

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My dad is Taiwanese and moms Korean. They leave my personal relationships to myself and don’t really share much opinions unless I ask. They seem to be pretty happy if I’m with someone and not gay.

Do they prefer you date Taiwanese, Korean, or don’t care?

They’ve never made any preferences of nationality of ethnicity to me and I don’t care enough to ask. I don’t think they care all that much. However I think maybe they would have to some biases against a black girl, but would probably get over it after a while if I’m honest. They just haven’t had much interactions with black people like most Asian people. I feel like they care more about the girls values, especially family values.

But to the OP. I think its ok to take your families opinion into account when dating someone. But ultimately it’s my life and i have to live with the person and it’s my relationship. The only thing they can threaten me with is if they cut off financial backing and never speak to me but that’s not enough for me to not be with someone if I really want to be. So I guess you get a chance to see how loyal he is to you and if he’s willing to put his big boy pants on to see if he will step out of his parents and build his own family with you.

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It could just be you.
Just sayin

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He puts that up 2 days ago and not back/replied since.
Hmmmm. Smells sort of fishy and this ain’t a seafood forum.

Don’t forget, we’re dealing with someone here who doesn’t do their homework.
In this town, that’s intafada

Yeah you are definitely right about Taiwanese man. No matter how grown up they are, they still want their mother’s breast milk.
They expect the female to cut out all ties from her own family but the man won’t do the same.
it is tough marrying to a Taiwanese man. But I soon learned to find my own voice and chase that wicked woman away. You just have to stand on your ground and prepare to divorce but at least you are being heard. For the 1st time scolding his parents off, I don’t deny I actually felt so good about it.

Till this day, they never come back to my country and I never see or hear from them again. They are actually nothing but cowards. :joy:

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Taiwanese parents often have trouble liking any man their daughter picks and any girl their son picks. It seems to be the tradition.

Had a TW girlfriend who dumped me because her parents said if she marries me she loses the apt in Taipei they bought for her.

Heard that story a hundred times Tommy.
The above poster is getting victim blamed for atrocious treatment, well done for getting out of a shitty situation .


wow is this thread still alive. I’m a Taiwanese female currently dating a Taiwanese man as well. We are both pretty westernized but both our families are one of those ‘traditional Taiwanese families’. My father had forced my sibling to break up with their partner for pointless reasons as well, so I had some mental preparation going into the relationship to be hated by his parents. And needless to say, I am. The first time I met them, the mother was clearly acting cold and distant towards me and straight out asked very sensitive questions - trying to scope out my family wealth background as if wealth was the only thing that determined who I am as a person. My partner later revealed to me (after I forced him to tell me) what she had said about me. And it was things like “shes ugly” and “she’s too dumb”. Their family is indeed more elite then the ‘typical’ family, and with my partner being the only male, and a young doctor, their family have extra high expectations for him. I am somewhat desensitized to all this drama as I am Taiwanese and had very much expected this treatment. But actually experiencing it has caused so much stress in the relationship - not knowing what to expect and the uncertainty of when his parents will finally warm up to me, or when we will break up. Taiwanese families… so troublesome hahahaha. You really have to know how to play the game. Honestly, Taiwanese girls who grew up in Taiwan are so good at this these days.

One suspects this may not be a totally new phenomenon