Taiwanese payback?

  1. retake the colonies.


  1. Lose them again
  1. Convince the Canadians to burn down the capitl again.
  2. Fix thier teeth
  3. Get the vinegar out of the chips.


  1. Behead Beckham and Posh
  2. Win more medals than Guyana and Botswana at the next Commonwealth Games
  3. Reassign soccer hooligans to guard duty in Baghdad
  1. Learn to play baseball so the hooligans can toss Chen off the dugout roof
  2. Find a trash bin for the excessive U’s in their words, and learn to put E before R.
  3. Practice saying Feng Shui instead of Fang Shooey.
  1. Finish Stonehenge
  1. Invade North American airwaves with hordes of long-haired pop groups armed with guitars and cute accents
  1. Buy more tweed.
  2. Put Benny Hill on the island’s currency
  3. Find Nessie
  1. Retake the misruled North American colonies. Was a mistake to let them go anyway.

This is CAL we are talking about, remember.

Taipei, Aug. 13 (CNA) Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Ling-san confirmed Wednesday evening that China Airlines (CAL), Taiwan’s largest air carrier, will order engines from General Electric (GE) for its 18 newly purchased airplanes.

Don’t you just love to see the Brits crawl? :laughing:

What’s interesting is the amount of access everyone has in Taiwan. If I announced I was going to invest US$50 in the island, I’d probably get an audience with top officials, too. Hmm, maybe I can use my bar tabs for political gains.

Actually, all you need to do is write a press release and fax it to all the papers and TV stations. Stand in front of some govenment building, wear a funny hat, burn some official-looking document and wear a sign that says something platitudinous.

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”
Voltaire, 1767

So I don’t even need the 50 bucks. Where do I sign up?

taiwan needs to have more than one friend, and Nauru doesn’t count.