Taiwanese people wearing spandex leggings


I don’t see a fashion forum here, so I don’t know if this is a good forum for this but if there is please feel free to move it.

One question I have about Taiwanese fashion is I notice a lot of young Taiwanese people love to wear shorts and leggings at the same time. I seen this a lot in the past and they are still doing it. Basically they will wear a short, but their legs are covered by some spandex leggings. I don’t remember when this caught on but I see it in youngster hang outs (like Ximen) a lot.

What’s the reasoning behind this fashion statement, or rather what celebrity started this trend? I notice Taiwanese people seem rather sheep-like when it comes to celebrity trends…


It’s a Japanese fashion trend. They call it knee socks in Japan, and started as a standard part of their school uniform. Eventually uniform skirts grew shorter and shorter leaving the knee socks visible. Then those more into the casual look switched to wearing shorts with knee socks.

It’s probably popularized here by anime and idol groups. Although it seems like some American celebrities do it too.


I thought Jeremy Lin was to blame for that, as I have seen him and other NBA athletes play games in those. I thought it was some kind of keep your muscles warm in winter device.


I think they are just hiding not shaving their legs or scars from mosquito bites and scratching scabs off. :wink:

Probably also keeping their legs warm. Too cold for shorts and not really modest wearing leggings with no shorts.


I had no idea Linsanity had anything to do with it… I remember seeing people wearing leggings long before Jeremy Lin became famous.

If you wanted to keep your legs warm, wear pants…


They’re just cold and/or don’t want their skin to get dark in the sun. You can usually bet that if Taiwanese people are more covered up than you might expect, it’s for those reasons.

Or it’s about modesty. Their leggings might be too see-through around the butt, or the panty line too obvious.


They aren’t leggings!!! They’re Compression shorts.


I wear compression leggings on leg days. I call them my squeezy pants. It takes a lot of effort to get in and out of them…


You mean yoga pants?


Rather like Ladies panties ? :thinking:


No, they’re legit compression leggings. I don’t own any yoga pants. That’s soooo 2007.

I wouldn’t know! I concern myself with, uh, boxer briefs I guess.


I seen a lot of guys (especially ones with man buns) wear yoga pants too


Seems to be getting popular with hiking crowd as well.


I have seen way too many guys sporting Lin’s hairstyle - the Mohawk cornwebs.


I actually just shaved mine. My hair is way to thin to support anything and not a whole lot I can do about it. I wonder if eating instant noodles or whatever had anything to do with it (my dad insists it does, he seems to think if I enjoyed it, it was bad for my health)


I have compression socks for airline travel. Didn’t know guys used those for sports.


They’re used now in basically all North American sports. Also popular for basketball in Asia.