Taiwanese Rescue Helicopter Crash Video

Seen this before?

Heli crash during exercice

incredible to survive that :slight_smile:

see the news helicopter crash on the same page??? Thats even more incredible that all survived !!!

pretty impressive video… but shouldn’t this be in the “Taking Taiwan’s military seriously?..” thread?.. :laughing:

Ya its pretty bad when the rescue copter needs rescuing !!

But then its TAiwan so , I bet nobody is REALLY surprised?

Anything , I mean just about Anything can and does happen in Taiwan. Course the very same things happen elsewhere too, but thats not the point :slight_smile:

I thought the news heli crash was 1000 pct more incredible though. Anyone bother to see that on the same page??? That was INCREDIBLE that anyone survived that!! The taiwan heli crash seemed to be really especially dangerous for by standers or the one under the copter. Heck if he was a few feet to either side he may have been sliced up by the blades of the thing. WOW.

Taiwan pilots do know how to get the heck outa there pretty fast tho. Taiwanese PEOPLE know how to get the heck outa there pretty fast. Witness the okinawa 737 FAST EXIT???

there was a Taipei Times (or one of the other fish wraps) headline story and photo a week or so ago showing some fishermen recuing the coast guard in rough seas after the typhoon… yep, you read that right, fisherman, rescuing the coast guard… the coast guard’s boat had flipped and they were clinging to the upturned boat in their little orange speedos like petrified school girls while some ramshackle old fishing boat full of cigarette smoking salts maneuvered up along side them to rescue them… FFS… :laughing:

you always know who the pros are when the shit hits the fan . IN TAiwan , its always been “dont count on being rescued, save thine own ass”