Taiwanese Shaved Ice


Cause surprisingly, there’s no shaved ice thread.

It’s ice! Frozen water!

Thank you very much for that observation.

How can you ‘meticulously’ make shaved ice?

You shave it very carefully…

With a straight-edge razor.

And never drop the ice on the floor, pick it up and continue shaving.

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It tastes better when we don’t mention that part. :rofl:


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Big fan of ICE MONSTER. Really recommend their shaved ice, even if it is pretty commercial. :+1:

Interesting. In my time living in Taiwan, people would mention trying “shaved ice” and I’d dismiss them thinking it was just crunchy ice with flavourings or fruit added, like a slightly more sophisticated “Mr. Frosty” (something the Brits on here should remember from their childhoods). I never realised it was actually so… “meticulous”.

I wonder if there could be a niche market for meticulously hand shaved ice.

Definitely better than Sno-Cones.

Yea, snocones are the worst. Shave ice, Taiwanese or Hawaiian style, is way mo’ bettah.

Hawaiian style seemed more like an advanced snow cone.

I tried this one last time, highly recommend it. The place has a nice rooftop too.

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Shave Ice (water), evaporated milk, sugar fruit syrup, candied (fake) fruit, mango, banana. Really advanced.

These spoken pieces to camera are good.

Much prefer this to the Taiwan News silent footage with subtitles, there’s something a bit eery about those.

Well if you really think about it, when you go to a Michelin 5 star restaurant the cost of the food, especially at wholesale price, is insignificant compared to the price you pay for the meal. Nothing there is very advanced either.

It’s the experience that matters.

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Putting all the stuff on shaved ice?